• Taiwan Backs Australian Wine Campaign in Stand Against China (2020-12-02)
    (CNA, By Yeh Su-ping and Joseph Yeh) Taiwanese diplomats and officials are taking part in a global campaign to purchase Australian wines as the country stands against intense pressure from China, which has imposed heavy taxes on Australian wine as Sino-Australia tension has intensified.
  • Congressional Panel Proposes Upgrading US Envoy to Taiwan to Ambassador Level (2020-12-02)
    (Taiwan News, By Keoni Everington) A U.S. congressional panel on Tuesday (Dec. 1) called for the status of the director of the de facto U.S. embassy in Taiwan to be upgraded to a level on par with an ambassador.
  • DPP to Hold National Security Seminars in Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung (2020-11-30)
    (Taipei Times) The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has planned a series of seminars for next month in four special municipalities on bolstering Taiwan’s national security, a party official said yesterday.
  • Taiwan Denies Military Plane Flew too Close to PLA Aircraft (2020-11-30)
    (CNA, By Matt Yu, Justin Su and Emerson Lim) Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense (MND) on Monday denied a news report that a Taiwanese interceptor had flown dangerously close to a Chinese military plane during a recent monitoring mission.
  • Chinese Media’s Threats to Draw Taipei Rebuff: Source (2020-11-29)
    (Taipei Times, By Lee Hsin-fang and William Hetherington) The government is implementing measures to respond to state-owned Chinese media’s threats against Taiwanese independence advocates, a national security official said on Friday. 
  • U.S. to Work with Taiwan to Deal with Four Pressing Challenges: AIT (2020-11-28)
    (CNA, By Emerson Lim and Chen Yun-yu) The United States will work with Taiwan to deal with "pressing challenges" in the post-COVID-19 era, focusing on health, prosperity, security and democracy, American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) Director Brent Christensen said on Saturday.
  • EP Supports Taiwan on WHO Participation, Trade Pact Negotiations (2020-11-27)
    (CNA, By Tang Pei-chun and Emerson Lim) The European Parliament (EP) recently passed two resolutions that support Taiwan's bid to participate in the World Health Organization (WHO) and its intention to negotiate a trade pact with the European Union (EU). 
  • China to Charge 12 from Hong Kong Caught Fleeing by Boat (2020-11-27)
    (Reuters) Chinese authorities said on Friday they were set to charge 12 people from Hong Kong with border violations after they were detained in China more than three months ago while trying to flee from the city by speedboat. 
  • Visit Called Off, But Environmental Ties with U.S. to Continue: Envoy (2020-11-25)
    (CNA, By Chaing Chin-yeh, Chen Yun-yu, and Frances Huang) Taiwan and the United States will continue their cooperation on environmental initiatives despite the canceled visit of a top American environmental official, Taiwan's representative to the U.S. Hsiao Bi-khim (蕭美琴) said Tuesday. 
  • Japan, China Agree on Economic Ties, Split Over Islands (2020-11-25)
    (Associated Press, By Mari Yamaguchi) China’s top diplomat told Japan’s leader on Wednesday that Beijing wants the two Asian powers to have good relations and cooperate in fighting the coronavirus and reviving their pandemic-hit economies, but the two sides remained at odds over an island dispute. 
  • Beijing Confirms Jail Sentence for Taiwanese Professor (2020-11-25)
    (CNA, By Lawrence Chiu and Chiang Yi-ching) A retired university professor who was arrested shortly after visiting China in August 2018 has been sentenced to four years in prison on national security charges, China's Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) said Wednesday. 
  • Hong Kong's Lam Says Restoring 'Political System from Chaos' Is Priority (2020-11-24)
    (Reuters, By Twinnie Siu and Clare Jim) Chief Executive Carrie Lam said the government will introduce a bill to “enhance oath-taking” by civil servants and conduct widespread public education “to enhance the understanding of the rule of law”. The government will launch programmes to educate Hong Kong’s youth, who were at the frontlines of last year’s demonstrations, about respecting China’s national flag and its anthem. 
  • US Provides Missiles, Renews Pledge to Defend Philippines (2020-11-23)
    (Associated Press, By Jim Gomez) U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration provided precision-guided missiles and other weapons to help the Philippines battle Islamic State group-aligned militants and renewed a pledge to defend its treaty ally if it comes under attack in the disputed South China Sea. 
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  • More Than 70% Against US Pork Imports: Survey (2020-11-27)
    (Taipei Times, By Sherry Hsiao) More than 70 percent of the public disagrees that Taiwan should allow imports of US pork containing ractopamine residue, even though this might entail further US support, a survey released yesterday by the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT)- affiliated National Policy Foundation found. 
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