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Bo Xilai Scandal and China's Leadership Succession
【Comments】With a Transition Near, New Questions in China (2012-10-02)
(New York Times, By Edward Wong and Jonathan Ansfield) With only six weeks to go before the formal unveiling of a new set of leaders for China, Communist Party elders and senior officials are still deciding who will ascend to the top ruling bodies and what policy direction they will adopt for the new team, political insiders and analysts say. 
South China Sea Disputes
【News】Manila Deploys 800 More Troops to Guard Disputed Island: Official (2012-10-01)
(AFP) The Philippines has sent 800 more Marines and opened a new headquarters to guard its interests in the disputed Spratlys islands, which China also claims, a senior military official said. 
U.S. Pivot to Asia and Sino-U.S. Engagement
【News】U.S. Sends Aircraft to Okinawa, Despite Fierce Opposition (2012-10-02)
(New York Times) The Osprey flies four times as far as the Vietnam-era helicopters it is replacing, putting the more than 15,000 Marines on Okinawa within reach of potential hot spots like Taiwan and a group of disputed islands in the East China Sea known as the Senkaku in Japan and the Diaoyu in China. 

【Comments】Isolated Taiwan to Get Wider Global Reach with US Visa Waiver (2012-10-03)
(Christian Science Monitor, By Ralph Jennings) The move helps Taiwan expand its influence by making US travel more accessible to tourists, business people, and academic conference participants. The United States, in turn, can advance part of its pivot-to-Asia strategy by forming closer economic, trade and commercial ties to Taiwan. 

【News】Taiwan an Important Part of US’ Asia Strategy: AIT (2012-10-04)
(Taipei Times) The US views the role of Taiwan in supporting US President Barack Obama’s strategy to strengthen its presence in the Asia-Pacific region positively, AIT Director Christopher Marut said. 
Diaoyutai Disputes Resurface
【News】Taiwan, Japan to Continue Discussions on Resuming Fishery Talks (2012-10-01)
(CNA) Taiwan will continue to hold discussions with Japan on re-opening their bilateral fishery talks, although the recent developments in the Diaoyutai Islands issue have caused Taiwan to reassess the matter, Taiwan's top envoy to Japan said. 

【News】Recalled Representative Heads Back to Tokyo (2012-10-06)
(China Post) Taiwan's top envoy to Japan, Shen Ssu-tsun, returned to Tokyo, three weeks after he was recalled in protest over Japan's so-called “purchase” of part of the disputed Diaoyutai Islands. 

【News】Japan Agrees with ‘Spirit’ of Ma’s Peace Initiative (2012-10-06)
(CNA) Japan agrees with the basic concept and spirit of Taiwan's East China Sea Peace Initiative, Japan's foreign minister said in a statement released by Japan's Interchange Association. 

【News】Japan’s Call for Calm is Good Will: MOFA (2012-10-07)
(CNA) The Japanese foreign minister's call for calm in dealing with “pending issues” in relations between Taiwan and Japan demonstrated good will, Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. 

【News】Tokyo’s Reshuffle Sees Shift to China (2012-10-02)
(The Australian) The long shadow cast by China has intruded into Japanese politics, with Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda promoting a key pro-Beijing lawmaker as part of a reshuffle designed to bolster stability. 

【Comments】Japan’s Senkaku Exit Strategy (2012-10-08)
(PacNet #62, Pacific Forum, CSIS, By Jeffrey W. Hornung) Despite a widespread desire in the Japanese government to de-escalate tensions, there is no clear exit strategy. So let me offer one: Japan should take its case to the International Court of Justice. 

【Comments】Beijing’s Trade Bullying (2012-10-02)
(Wall Street Journal) Beijing's use of trade as a weapon is one more piece of evidence that rather than being constrained by its accession to the WTO, China is a free-rider. And it's proof of why democracies are more trustworthy partners: The way a government treats its own citizens is a good indication of how it will treat its neighbors.

The Asian Cold War (2012-10-06)
(Foreign Policy, By Michael Auslin) Although the probability of actual conflict between China and Japan over the Senkakus is negligible, the current crisis is the herald of a new cold war that will persist for years, if not decades. 
DPP Searches for New China Stance; Cross-Strait Issues
【News】Frank Hsieh Confirms Visit to China (2012-10-02)
(Taipei Times) Former premier Frank Hsieh of the DPP announced he would visit China from Thursday until Monday, adding that he hoped the visit would serve as a catalyst for the DPP’s closer engagement with Beijing. 

【Comments】Taiwanese Pro-Independence Politician Visits China (2012-10-04)
(VOA) Frank Hsieh, the former chairman of Taiwan's pro-independence party, is touring China for a visit that he says is aimed at building mutual trust. 

【News】Hsieh Lauds China during Visit (2012-10-06)
(Taipei Times)The former premier acknowledged the sensitivity of the visit, but said it was important that the DPP showed it could handle Taiwan’s cross-strait interests. 

【News】Two Sides of Strait Should Tackle Differences: Hsieh (2012-10-07)
(Taipei Times) Former premier Frank Hsieh said in China that the two sides of the Taiwan Strait need to address their differences before economic relations can advance to a higher level. 

【News】Hsieh Heralds Good Will As Key to Cross-Strait Ties (2012-10-07)
(China Post) Frank Hsieh of DPP, who is on a landmark visit in China, said that sincerity and good will are the key to overcoming differences between Taipei and Beijing. 

【News】Senior Mainland Official Meets Hsieh Chang-ting (2012-10-07)
(Xinhua) Chinese mainland's Taiwan affairs chief Wang Yi and Hsieh Chang-ting from Taiwan held a meeting which was regarded as "beneficial" by both, a mainland spokesman said. 

【News】DPP Splits Over Benefits of Hsieh’s Beijing Trip (2012-10-01)
(Taipei Times) DPP is expected to address the issue of China a lot this week, including whether former premier Frank Hsieh is to become the first former DPP premier to visit China. 

【News】Annette Lu Regrets, but is Not Opposed to Hsieh Trip (2012-10-02)
(Taipei Times) Former vice president Annette Lu expressed “regret” over former premier Frank Hsieh’s planned China trip. 

【News】Tsai Ing-wen Wishes Hsieh Best, Urges Ties with India (2012-10-03)
(Taipei Times) Former DPP chairperson Tsai Ing-wen gave her best wishes to former premier Frank Hsieh, who is to depart for China tomorrow on a five-day visit. 

China Must Prove Its Good Faith to Maintain Peace: Su (2012-10-06)
(Taipei Times) Only by good intentions and determination to maintain peace can China win the hearts of the Taiwanese and overcome all barriers to establish peace across the Taiwan Strait, DPP Chairman Su Tseng-chang said in Kinmen. 

【News】Tsai Plays Down Hsieh Trip’s Impact (2012-10-07)
(Taipei Times) Former DPP chairperson Tsai Ing-wen said that people should not read too much into the visit to China by former premier Frank Hsieh, nor view it as having considerable political significance. 

【News】DPP Exchanges with China’s Communists Inevitable: Official (2012-10-07)
(CNA) Exchanges between the DPP and the CPC cannot be stopped, a former official versed in cross-Taiwan Strait affairs said in reference to former Premier Frank Hsieh's current visit to China. 

【Comments】Shaping the Future, Part II: Cross-Strait Relations (2012-10-02)
(China Leadership Monitor, No. 39, By Alan D. Romberg) While Beijing might have preferred a more forward-leaning position from Taipei on the issue of political dialogue and a more unambiguous embrace of “one China,” it appeared to accept the results as “good enough” and to settle in for the long haul. 

【Comments】Four More Years: The DPP Assesses Its 2012 Loss and Looks Ahead to 2016 (2012-10-04)
(China Brief 12(19), Jamestown Foundation, By Cristina Garafola) The DPP scored a significant comeback in 2012, winning 46 percent of the vote, but popular doubts persisted about the party’s overall vision for Taiwan and its ability to manage cross-Strait relations and Taiwan’s relationship with the United States. 
PLA, Military Balance and Arms Sales
【Comments】Examining the New Aircraft Carrier through the PLA’s Revolution in “Organizational” Affairs (2012-10-07)
(China Brief 12(19), Jamestown Foundation, By David Chen) The “institutional mapping” of how things get done in PLA has been largely lacking. The application of modern political science tools to what is essentially a learning organization with guns still has a wide horizon to pursue. 

Lockheed Awarded F-16 Contract (2012-10-03)
(Taipei Times) The defense firm, which will also be the prime integrator for the upgrade of 300 US Air Force F-16s, said both programs would be based on the F-16V, for “Viper,” configuration. 
Taiwan's Foreign Relations
【News】US Grants Taiwan Visa-Waiver Status (2012-10-03)
(Taipei Times) The US last night announced Taiwan’s membership in its Visa Waiver Program, as the nation became the 37th country to receive the privilege. 

【News】Taiwan-U.S. Ties to Next Focus on Trade Issues: AIT Director (2012-10-03)
(CNA) Bilateral trade issues between the United States and Taiwan will be the next key focus for the two sides, the new director of the Taipei office of the American Institute in Taiwan said. 

【News】Senior US Officials Skip Defense Meet (2012-10-02)
(Taipei Times) The US said one of the absence was due to a schedule conflict, but rumors flew that the territorial spat with Japan or F-16 sales were the true cause. 

Meeting Photo Appears to Scotch Rumors of US Snub (2012-10-04)
(Taipei Times) The Pentagon released a photograph of a visit by Vice Minister of National Defense Andrew Yang to the US defense establishment just as the absence of high-ranking US officials from the annual Taiwan-US Defense Industry Conference sparked mounting speculation. 

【News】Taipei Aiming for Written Guidelines with Washington (2012-10-07)
(Taipei Times) Taipei is working toward forging written guidelines with Washington for future bilateral relations now that ties have been institutionalized, Taiwan’s outgoing representative to the US said. 

【Comments】India Renews Taiwan Embrace (2012-10-05)
(Asia Times, By Anindya Batabyal) It appears that India's close bilateral ties with Taiwan at present are a result of both improved China-Taiwan ties while also reflecting a new level of assertiveness in India's foreign policy towards China. 

China's Rise and Its Domestic Issues
【Comments】A Turning Point for China (2012-10-02)
(YaleGlobal, By Jean-Pierre Lehmann) China could see even greater potential if it could head off multiple unfolding crises – its citizens’ pessimism, property bubbles, environmental troubles, secretive and bullying politics, corruption, desperate quests for power at all levels of government. 

De Tocqueville in Beijing (2012-10-02)
(China Leadership Monitor, No. 39, By Joseph Fewsmith) There has been a quiet but interesting discussion going on in Beijing about Alexis de Tocqueville’s classic work, Ancient Regime and the French Revolution. The interest in the work captures widespread concern in intellectual circles about the Chinese polity and where it might go from here. 

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