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CCP's Third Plenum of the 18th Party Congress
Chinese Leaders Launch Meeting amid Reform Hopes (2013-11-09)
(AP, By Joe McDonald) Reform advocates are looking to China's leaders to launch a new era of change by giving entrepreneurs a bigger role in the state-dominated economy and farmers more control over land at a policymaking conference that opened Saturday. 

Chinese Party Meeting to Test Xi's Cloud on Reforms
(Wall Street Journal, By Jeremy Page)The risk for Xi Jinping is that having cast himself as China's pre-eminent leader and raised expectations of reform so high, he will take the blame if the meeting fails to deliver changes on a similar scale to those initiated by Deng.

Chinese Leader's Economic Plan Tests Goal to Fortify Party Power (2013-11-07)
(New York Times, By Chris Buckley) China’s president, Xi Jinping, is about to plunge the country and himself into a risky experiment: an attempt to carry out market-driven economic overhauls while reinforcing the Communist Party’s pillars of political and ideological control.

Pessimism about China's Third Plenum Unwarranted (2013-11-05)
(China-US Focus, By Cheng Li and Ryan McElveen) Pessimistic views are sensible, but they fail to capture the leadership’s momentum, sense of urgency, and collective understanding of the need to embark on big, bold and broad reforms to gain public support before it’s too late.

How to Watch the Third Plenum: Political Issues (2013-11-07)
(China Brief 13(22), By David Cohen) As analysts work through the policy statement that emerges on November 12, those interested in political and foreign relations should watch the following issues: leadership politics and party management, external relations, and legitimacy.

ASTEP Signed
Taiwan Signs Free Trade Deal with Singapore (2013-11-07)
(AFP) Taiwan signed a free trade deal with Singapore, its first with a Southeast Asian country, as the diplomatically isolated island steps up efforts to join regional economic blocs.

Singapore Trade Pact Bring Taiwan out of China's Economic Shadow (2013-11-07)
(Christian Science Monitor, By Ralph Jennings) Taiwan will see more rewards as other Asian trading partners lose fear of China and negotiate their own trade deals with Taipei, experts say. Economists say Southeast Asia should lead the trend as countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam have expressed interest.

China Thaw Lets Taiwan Expand Trade Deals to Add Singapore (2013-11-07)
(Bloomberg, By Cindy Wang) Taiwan signed its biggest trade deal yet with a country that has diplomatic ties with Beijing, as the island tries to integrate its economy with the rest of Asia’s and to diversify economic allies beyond China.

Positive Results in Taipei-Manila ECA to Be Seen in Days
(China Post) Foreign Minister David Lin said that the newly inked economic pact between Taiwan and Singapore will help facilitate Taiwan's participation in regional economic integration, and that positive developments over an economic cooperation agreement between Taiwan and the Philippines will be seen in the next few days.

DPP Welcomes Agreement with Singapore, Pledges Support (2013-11-08)
(CNA) The main opposition DPP welcomed the signing of an economic agreement between Taiwan and Singapore, saying it would support the pact when it is submitted to the Legislature for review.

Taipei, Manila Ink Letter of Intent on Bilateral Trade (2013-11-10)
 (CNA) Taiwan and the Philippines inked a letter of intent Friday to promote bilateral trade and cooperation. 
Regional Issues
Itu Aba Reconstruction to Start Next Year: Official (2013-11-06)
(Taipei Times) The government will start revamping infrastructure on Itu Aba in the South China Sea next year to protect the safety of Taiwanese fishermen in view of the rising sovereignty disputes over the Spratly Islands.

Tensions Are Escalating in the East China Sea (2013-11-05)
(Wall Street Journal, By Michael Auslin) The East China Sea may see the world's first war started by aerial drones. Unless China and Japan quickly find some way to settle their territorial dispute, they are moving toward a military clash.

Japan Installing Missiles on Pacific Gateway Islands
(AFP) Japan is putting missiles on islands marking the gateway to the Pacific, officials said. 

Diplomacy Work Forum: Xi Steps Up Efforts to Shape a Chine-Centered Regional Order (2013-11-07)
(China Brief 13(22), By Timothy Heath) At its first-ever work forum on diplomacy to China’s periphery, the Xi administration outlined strategic guidance to strengthen PRC leadership of the region as part of its overall strategy to realize the nation’s rejuvenation.
DPP Searches for New China Stance; Cross-Strait Issues
Vincent Siew Arrives in Nanjing for Cross-Strait Entrepreneurs' Summit  (2013-11-04)
(CNA) Former Vice President Vincent Siew arrived in Nanjing, China as the head of a delegation of Taiwanese business leaders for an “entrepreneurs summit meeting” with their Chinese counterparts. 

DPP Willing to Normalize Cross-Strait Relations: Su (2013-11-10)
(CNA) Opposition Democratic Progressive Party Chairman Su Tseng-chang said that his party is willing to enter political talks with China.
Military Balance and Arms Sales
Alarm Over the Taiwan Strait (2013-11-06)
(Wall Street Journal) The defense ministry's alarm bells over Taiwan's looming vulnerability should prompt concern in Taipei and Washington. At flashpoints like the Taiwan Strait, perceptions of weakness can lead to dangerous miscalculations.

New Apache Attack Choppers Delivered
(China Post) Taiwan's Defense Minister confirmed that the R.O.C. armed forces have received their first batch of Apache attack helicopters from the U.S.

Nation's RIMPAC Participation a Matter of Policy: US Commander
(CNA) Taiwan's inclusion in the Rim of the Pacific Exercise (RIMPAC) depends on a policy decision, the chief commander of United States forces in the Pacific said.

Anti-Ship Missiles Would Protect Taiwan: Report (2013-11-10)
(Taipei Times, By William Lowther) A new technical report from RAND Corp argues that low-cost, readily available anti-ship missiles (ASMs) based on Taiwan and other islands could be used to bottle up China in the case of a war. 
Taiwan's Domestic Issues and Foreign Relations
Five Cooperation Pacts with Japan Signed in Taipei (2013-11-06)
(Taipei Times) Taiwan and Japan yesterday signed five agreements or memorandums of understanding to enhance bilateral cooperation in e-commerce, patent priority rights, pharmaceutical codes, railway project techniques, and maritime and airborne search and rescue.

Joining TPP Will Boost Taiwanese Firms: Brookings (2013-11-06)
(Taipei Times, By William Lowther) TPP could give Taiwanese businesses an opening to “move further up the value chain and develop more of [their] own branded goods and services,” a new analysis by the Brookings Institution says (Taiwan's Economic Opportunities and Challenges and the Importance of the Trans-Pacific Partnership).

ECCT Position Paper Calls for Getting Balance Right
(China Post) The European Chamber of Commerce Taipei released its annual Position Papers for 2014, which called for the local government to put in a place a regulatory system that balances the interests of all stakeholders to ensure Taiwan's future economic growth.

Chinese Embassy ‘Strongly Objects’ to Speech in US (2013-11-10)
(Taipei Times, By William Lowther) King said there were five areas Taiwan and the US needed to work harder on. They needed to strengthen political ties; to confront the “growing threat” of climate change; to increase economic cooperation; to enhance the Taiwan-US security partnership; and to reduce tensions in the East China Sea.

China's Rise and Its Domestic Issues
Graft Probe in China Targets Xinhua, Commerce Ministry (2013-11-05)
(Reuters) China has sent investigators to six more provinces and four government departments, including Xinhua news agency and the Commerce Ministry, the ruling Communist Party's corruption watchdog said.

China Needs 7.2% Growth to Ensure Employment (2013-11-05)
(Wall Street Journal, By Grace Zhu and Yajun Zhang) China could still meet its job creation goals with economic growth somewhat lower than Beijing's current target, Premier Li Keqiang said, in the latest official comments suggesting China's leaders are smoothing the way for maturing growth rates.

Bloomberg News Is Said to Curb Articles That Might Anger China (2013-11-09)
(New York Times, By Edward Wong) Bloomberg's unwillingness to cross China's red lines has cast new light on the dilemma that numerous foreign news organizations confront as they navigate the pressures of doing both journalism and business in China.

Reporter for Reuters Won't Receive China Visa
(New York Times, By Andrew Jacobs) The Chinese government has rejected the visa application of a veteran American journalist who had been waiting eight months to begin a new reporting job in China for Thomson Reuters, the company said. 

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