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U.S. Pivot to Asia and Sino-U.S. Engagement
China-U.S. Military Ties on the Upswing (2013-09-27)
(China Brief 13(19), Jamestown Foundation, By Richard Weitz) There are reasons for pessimism about the possibility of a deep China-U.S. defense partnership. Chinese analysts focus on the process rather than concrete outcomes. There is also a sense that the burden is on the United States to avoid the logic of confrontation by accommodating Chinese interests regarding territorial disputes, human rights and other issues.

US Pivot Undermined by Cuts: Analysts (2013-09-27)
(Taipei Times, By William Lowther) Budget cuts have left US President Barack Obama’s “pivot” to Asia without any real teeth and may in the process have increased Taiwan’s vulnerability, a team of US military experts said.

US Pivot to Asia Running Out of Steam: Analysts
(Taipei Times, By William Lowther) The US has dismissed criticism that US President Barack Obama’s much-publicized pivot toward Asia is running out of steam. 

DPP Searches for New China Stance; Cross-Strait Issues
APEC Addition Sparks Ma-Xi Meeting Speculation (2013-09-25)
(Taipei Times) In a breach of precedent, MAC Minister Wang Yu-chi will join Taiwan’s delegation to the APEC summit next month in Indonesia led by former vice president Vincent Siew, sparking speculation that his trip was a prelude to cross-strait political talks.

KMT-CCP Forum to Open in China in Oct.
(CNA) Meanwhile, Yang Yi, spokesman for China's Taiwan Affairs Office, announced in Beijing that a cross-strait peace forum — the first of its kind — will take place Oct. 11-12 in Shanghai, in which the participants will discuss issues concerning political relations between Taiwan and China, foreign affairs, safety and mutual trust and a peace structure. 

DPP Meeting on PRC Policy Fails to Reach a Consensus (2013-09-27)
(Taipei Times) The DPP's discussion of its Taiwan independence policy again ended without a consensus, but participants agreed that the party should engage Beijing and establish an inter-party “constitutional consensus,” before forging closer ties with China.
Military Balance and Arms Sales
P-3C Anti-Submarine Aircraft Set to Arrive from the United States: Military (2013-09-23)
(CNA) The first of 12 submarine-hunting aircraft purchased from the United States will arrive in Taiwan today or tomorrow, the military said.

Taiwan Reportedly Not on Agenda of Kerry-Wang Meeting (2013-09-28)
(Taipei Times, By William Lowther) A breakfast meeting between John Kerry and Wang Yi in New York City focused on other issues, although Taiwan did come up in previous meetings in recent days. 
Taiwan's Domestic Issues and Foreign Relations
Ma Holds Policy Meeting without Wang Jin-pyng (2013-09-24)
(Taipei Times) KMT caucus whip Lin Hung-chih took Wang’s place at the meeting, and the Presidential Office said Ma would not change his stance.

Taiwan Only ‘Guest’ Due to China: ICAO
(Taipei Times) China opposed Taiwan participating in the aviation authority as an observer and proposed guest status instead, squeezing Taiwan’s international space.

Aussie New PM Willing to Talk Free Trade: MOFA (2013-09-26)
(CNA) The new government of Australia has said it is willing to begin free trade talks with Taiwan, a sign that the new administration will be more friendly toward Taiwan than its predecessor, a senior official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said. 

Bo Xilai's Verdict; China's Domestic Issues
Xi Comes Out on Top After Bo Verdict (2013-09-22)
(Wall Street Journal, By Jeremy Page) The return of charismatic, strongman politics to China, reversing a trend toward collective, consensus-based leadership since Mr. Deng's death in 1997 may well prove to be the most important legacy of the Bo scandal.

China's Xi Stamps Authority on Party with Bo Verdict (2013-09-23)
(Reuters, By Benjamin Kang Lim and Adam Rose) With ousted senior politician Bo Xilai jailed for life, Chinese President Xi Jinping has stamped his authority on the Communist Party by effectively warning he will not tolerate dissent as he seeks to push through tough economic reforms.

Bo Xilai Conviction Will Do Little to Curb Corruption
(YaleGlobal, By Zhiwu Chen) So far, President Xi Jinping is following old trends, doing more to crack down on media reports and citizen debate than propose reforms that might curb corruption.

The Legacy of Bo Xilai
(The Diplomat, By Minxin Pei) The most striking irony of the Bo Xilai saga is that while the antagonist is headed to jail, perhaps for a long time, part of his political legacy has not only survived his fall, but also become an essential element of the party’s new strategy.

Pursuing Graft Cases at Higher Levels, Chinese Leader Risk Unsettling Elites (2013-09-26)
(New York Times, By Chris Buckley) Xi Jinping must now decide how much further he is willing to pursue other high-level corruption investigations that could either strengthen his authority or unleash risky instabilities within the political elite. 

Regional Issues
Taiwan-Philippines Talks Postponed (2013-09-28)
(China Post) The new round of fishery talks with the Philippines that was originally set to be held in mid-September has been temporarily postponed due to Manila's internal problems, a MOFA official said.

Japan's Leader Gives No Ground in Island Dispute (2013-09-28)
(New York Times, By Rick Gladstone) Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan rejected any concession in a standoff with China over a group of islands claimed by both countries, declining to even acknowledge that the islands are disputed.

China Bans Items for Export to North Korea, Fearing Their Use in Weapons
(New York Times, By Jane Perlez) In a sign of growing concern about North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, China published a long list of equipment and chemical substances to be banned from export to North Korea for fear they could be used in adding to its increasingly sophisticated nuclear weapons programs. 

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