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Bo Xilai Scandal and China's Leadership Succession
Architect Tied to Scandal Is returning to China
(New York Times, Jul. 19, 2012) A French architect who has an apparent connection to a political scandal in China has agreed to return to that country after Cambodia released him from custody atBeijing’s request, Cambodian officials said.
China’s Security Chief Still on the Job?
(China Real Time Report, Jul. 19, 2012) From appearances at least, China’s security chief Zhou Yongkang seems to be firmly in the saddle. 
China’s Communist Elders Take Backroom Intrigue Beachside
(New York Times, Jul. 22, 2012) It is palace intrigue by the sea. In their guarded villas, current and past leaders will negotiate to try to place allies in the 25-member Politburo and its elite Standing Committee, at the top of the party hierarchy.
As China Talks of Change, Fear Rises on the Risks
(New York Times, Jul. 18, 2012) A small coterie of children of China’s founding elites who favor deeper political and economic change had come to debate the need for a new direction under the next generation of Communist Party leaders.
Huntsman Lays Out Views on China’s New Leadership
(Taipei Times, Jul. 18, 2012) A “sensible cross-strait policy” is in the interest of both sides of the Taiwan Strait, while Chinese leaders will realize that change is inevitable, former US ambassador to Beijing Jon Huntsman said.
South China Sea Disputes
 MOFA Dismisses Hanoi’s Call to Stop Project in Taiping
 (Taipei Times, Jul. 22, 2012) Vietnam is in no position to question the Republic of China’s plan to extend the runway on Taiping Island in the contested South China Sea because the country has sovereignty over the area, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.
China Gets Its Catch, Hook, Line and Sinker
(Sydney Morning Herald, Jul. 17, 2012) In the past few days China has made new deployments of ships to contested waters in South China Sea, but its greatest success has been in the diplomatic conference halls of the region.
ASEAN Stumbles in Phnom Penh

 (PacNet #45, Pacific Forum, CSIS, Jul. 19, 2012) It is not too early to speculate that, for China, the outcome amounts to an immediate victory that could prove tenuous in the longer run.
ASEAN Approaches Consensus on Sea Row: Indonesia
(AFP, Jul. 20, 2012) Southeast Asian nations are “on the cusp” of agreeing a statement of unity on the South China Sea dispute, Indonesia's top diplomat said after meeting his Cambodian counterpart. 
U.S. "Pivot" to Asia and U.S.-China Engagement
US’ Pacific Pivot a Campaign Tactic
(Project Syndicate, Jul. 16, 2012) These are dangerous days, not only economically, but also strategically. We really do need to ask whether Obama is trying to play a China card to shift the electoral scales in his favor. If that is his intention, it is a move fraught with great danger. 
Much Heat Has Gone Out of Taiwan Issue: Hadley
(Taipei Times, Jul. 19, 2012) Former US national security adviser Stephen Hadley said on Tuesday that “a lot of the heat” had gone out of what he called “the Taiwan issue.”
Diaoyutais Disputes Resurface
Taiwan, China Will Not Collaborate on Tiaoyutais: Foreign Ministry
(CNA, Jul. 19, 2012) Taiwan will not work with China to resolve the sovereignty dispute over the disputed Tiaoyutai Islands, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, even though a recent poll shows that over half of the respondents.
 Japan Tests China’s Eastern Flank
(Asia Times, Jul. 18, 2012) Japan's slow-motion political crisis, the leadership transition in Beijing, and the upcoming election in the USnearly guarantee the perpetuation of a purely symbolic conflict. Global economic woes are an additional incentive to avoid unpredictable adventurism.
Cross-Strait Issues
 Chinese Investment in Taiwan Jumps Fourfold in First Half
(CNA, Jul. 20, 2012) Chinese investors pumped US$122.17 million into Taiwan in the first half of 2012, an annual rise of 464 percent, according to statistics compiled by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
PLA, Military Balance and Arms Sales
Missile Shield May Spark PRC Nuclear Weapons Upgrade
(Reuters, Jul. 20, 2012) China may need to modernize its nuclear arsenal to respond to the destabilizing effect of a planned US-backed missile defense system, a senior Chinese military officer said.
US-Taiwan Business Council Calls for Plan to Fill Post-2016 Air Defense Gap
(China Post, Jul. 20, 2012) The U.S.-Taiwan Business Council urged Taipei and Washington to immediately come up with measures to solve the grave state facing Taiwan's Air Force after 2016, when some of the country's F-16A/Bs will be undergoing retrofitting. 
Taiwan's Domestic Issues and Foreign Relations
 Ma Touts FTAs As Way to Revive Flagging Economy
(Taipei Times, Jul. 22, 2012) President Ma Ying-jeou pledged to speed up trade liberalization and raise the nation’s international competitiveness by seeking to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership within the next eight years and signing free-trade agreements with major trade partners. 
China's Rise and Its Domestic Issues
 Beijing Plays Up the Carrot While Still Wielding the Stick
(China Brief 12(14), Jamestown Foundation, Jul. 19, 2012) The relatively swift resolution of the protests in Shifang in southwestern Sichuan Province could mark a turning point in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) administration’s handling of the estimated 150,000 or so cases of mass incidents that erupt every year.
After the Global Economic Bloodbath, New Winners Are Emerging
(Project Syndicate, Jul. 20, 2012) As the world economy’s goalpost shift, some countries will have an advantage—especially those with low public debt, reliable domestic demand and democracy. 

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