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South China Sea Disputes and Other Regional Issues
China Set Impossible Conditions for Visit: Manila (2013-09-03)
(AP, By Jim Gomez) Philippine President Benigno Aquino III canceled a trip to a Chinese trade fair after Beijing demanded that he first withdraw a legal complaint over disputed territories in the South China Sea, Filipino officials said.

Philippines Accuses China of Activity on Disputed Shoal
(Wall Street Journal, By Chris Larano and Josephine Cuneta) The Philippines said China appeared to be preparing to build structures on the disputed Scarborough Shoal, accusing China of attempting to violate the Philippines' claim to the territory.

China Says Manila Stirring Up Trouble on Disputed Shoal
(Reuters) China accused the Philippines of deliberately stirring up trouble over a chain of disputed reefs and rocks in the South China Sea, saying Manila was "creating trouble out of nothing" over an intrinsically Chinese territory.

Taiwan's Power Grab in the South China Sea (2013-09-03)
(The Diplomat, By J. Michael Cole) Taiwan has announced it will invest 3.37 billion New Taiwan Dollars (US$106.5 million) over three years to build a wharf on Taiping Island in the disputed Spratly Archipelago to increase its naval presence in the area, a move that is likely to irritate other claimants to the region.

A Salutation to Arms: Asia's Military Buildup, Its Reasons and Its Implications (2013-09-07)
(Foreign Policy Research Institute, By Felix K. Chang) It is far from certain that Asia’s military buildup will inexorably lead to crisis or war. What matters in the end is not the region’s quantity of armaments, but rather the region’s perceptions of power and intentions.

An Era of the ADMM-Plus? Unique Achievements and Challenges (2013-09-05)
(PacNet #69, Pacific Forum, CSIS, By Michito Tsuruoka) Skeptical as well as positive views have been expressed about the ADMM-Plus. While it is too early to give a definitive verdict, it is a good time to look back at what it has achieved and examine challenges to be addressed.

China Looks West As It Bolsters Regional Ties (2013-09-08)
(New York Times, By Jane Perlez) Mr. Xi has sought to consolidate relations with Central Asia, a path that would broaden China’s interests beyond its traditional base in the Asia-Pacific area and serve its vast energy needs as well. 

U.S. Pivot to Asia and Sino-U.S. Engagement
Why the West Should Relax about China (2013-09-04)
(The Diplomat, By Robert E. Kelly) Air-Sea Battle and the pivot seem an overreaction to China’s rise, given the number of challenges Beijing already faces.

Australia's Choice
(Foreign Affairs, By Hugh White) If Australia wants to avoid decision time, its highest diplomatic priority must be to help stem the escalating rivalry America and China. That rivalry is driven by the United States and China pursuing incompatible visions of their future roles in Asia. 

Cross-Strait Issues
Beijing Sets Up Fund for Cross-Strait Exchanges (2013-09-01)
(Taipei Times) The fund has been established to encourage and develop cross-strait exchanges and support the Taiwan Affairs Office, a Chinese official said. 

Military Balance and Arms Sales
Defense Budget Raises Security Concerns (2013-09-01)
(Taipei Times) MND's personnel costs for next year saw a NT$2.5 billion (US$83.5 million) year-on-year decrease as a result of the planned abolition of conscription and a reduced target for recruitment of volunteer soldiers, a military budget statement showed.

Coast Guard May Replace Islets' Troops (2013-09-07)
(China Post) Two outlying front-line islets will be guarded by Coast Guard and police forces if they are demilitarized and opened to tourists, the Ministry of National Defense said. 

Military Says US Blocking Live-Fire Tests of Missiles
(Taipei Times) The US military has continually rejected Taipei’s request to conduct live-fire testing of the PAC-3 missile system in Taiwan on the grounds that they might give China an opportunity to gather critical data on the system, the Ministry of National Defense said.

Politicians Asks Pentagon for Guarantee Over Arms Sales (2013-09-08)
(Taipei Times, By William Lowther) The Pentagon is being asked to guarantee that China plays no role in US decisions on arms sales to Taiwan.

Taiwan's Domestic Issues and Foreign Relations
Party Identification Tracking Analysis in Taiwan, August 2013 (2013-09-05)
(TISR) Taiwan Indicators Survey Research released its August survey(in Chinese) on the public's party identities today. Of those surveyed, 29.3 percent self-identified as supporters of the KMT or other Pan-Blue parties, 27.8 percent expressed support for the DPP or other Pan-Green parties.

Answers Needed from Debate, Not Posturing
(Taipei Times, By Julian Kuo) Taiwanese are not concerned with whether Ma and Su accomplish what they want. They are concerned with whether Ma and Su can provide answers on aspects of the trade pact they have yet to address.

KMT Infighting Suspected in Resignation (2013-09-07)
(Taipei Times) The Presidential Office did not mention Wang Jin-pyng and declined to comment on speculation that Ma was using the incident to weaken Wang’s political influence and KMT's old power bloc.

Ma Asks Wang to Return, Clarify Ker Accusations (2013-09-08)
(China Post) President and KMT Chairman Ma Ying-jeou asked Legislative Yuan Speaker Wang Jin-pyng to come back to Taiwan as soon as possible to clarify accusations of illegal lobbying. 
China's Rise and Its Domestic Issues
Senior Chinese Official Falls under Scrutiny As Some Point to Larger Inquiry (2013-09-02)
(New York Times, By Chris Buckley and Jonathan Ansfield) The Chinese Communist Party announced that a senior official responsible for overseeing state-owned corporations was under investigation, and people with knowledge of that case and many others said that the inquiries were part of a larger corruption investigation encroaching on the retired chief of the domestic security apparatus.

The Purge
(Foreign Policy, By Isaac Stone Fish) On Sunday, the Communist Party announced an investigation into Jiang Jiemin, a senior official in charge of state-owned companies and a protégé of Zhou Yongkang's, in a move many see as further encroaching on Zhou himself.

Powerful Oil Clique at Center of Chinese Probes (2013-09-05)
(Wall Street Journal, By Jeremy Page, Brian Spegele and Wayne Ma) The investigations appear to be designed to weaken the vested interests that have long hindered reforms in China's oil industry, and to send a clear message to the rest of the state sector.

Zhou Yongkang: Has Xi Nabbed a “Tiger?” (2013-08-31)
(The Diplomat, By Zachary Keck) In the worst-case scenario of the Zhou Yongkang case, some senior Chinese leaders may resist retiring out of fear of the consequences of them losing power.

Milestone for Yuan Marks Rise of China (2013-09-06)
(Wall Street Journal, By Nicole Hong, Connaghan, and Tom Orlik) China for the first time joined the ranks of the most-traded international currencies, underscoring the rise of the world's second-largest economy and the growth of the global foreign-exchange market.

Unfettered Yuan Exchange to Be Allowed in Shanghai FTZ (2013-09-06)
(AFP) China will allow unfettered exchange of its yuan currency in its first free trade zone, in a bold push to reform the world's second largest economy. 

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