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U.S. Pivot to Asia and Sino-U.S. Engagement
Hagel Holds First Pentagon Talks with Chinese (2013-08-19)
(AP) In his first Pentagon meeting with his Chinese counterpart, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel faces a familiar agenda marked with tensions over U.S. missile defenses, Chinese cyberattacks and other issues.

U.S. Sees Improving China Military Ties (2013-08-19)
(Wall Street Journal, By Julian E. Barnes) American officials meeting with top Chinese defense officials at the Pentagon hailed Beijing's new willingness to expand military engagements.

The U.S. Isn't Trying to Contain China (2013-08-23)
(Foreign Policy, By Phillip C. Saunders) The United States is not trying to contain China. Rather, the rebalance seeks to increase U.S. diplomatic, economic, and military resource commitments to Asia in order to bring them into balance with America's expanding political, economic, and security interests in the region. 

US, Philippines Vow Freedom of Negotiation amid Sea Rows (2013-08-25)
(AFP) The United States and the Philippines have vowed to maintain freedom of navigation in a Southeast Asia increasingly beset by maritime territorial rows, the two military allies said.

South China Sea Disputes
Surveying Ships End Data-Gathering Mission for Taiping Wharf: Report (2013-08-25)
(China Post) A naval surveying ship has completed its mission to gather underwater nautical information of the maritime area and adjacent coastal regions of Taiwan waters in the South China Sea, a local newspaper said.

ADMM-Plus: Talk Shop or Key to Asia-Pacific Security
(The Diplomat, By Anit Mukherjee) The ADMM-Plus represents what is possibly the last, and best, opportunity in the region's long quest for creating a functional security architecture. 

DPP Searches for New China Stance; Cross-Strait Issues
Chinese Official Sees Little Progress in DPP’s Policy (2013-08-21)
(Taipei Times) While the DPP's recent efforts to carry out exchanges with the CCP are worthy of encouragement, “no positive improvement can be seen” in the transformation of the party’s cross-strait policies, a top Chinese official in charge of Taiwanese affairs said.

Ma, Su Moot Service Pact Debate (2013-08-24)
(Taipei Times) President Ma Ying-jeou is willing to explain the cross-strait service trade agreement and debate the issue with DPP Chairman Su Tseng-chang, the KMT said. 

Military Balance and Arms Sales
U.S. Promises to Continue Arms Sales to Taiwan: Foreign Ministry (2013-08-22)
(CNA) The United States has reiterated that it will continue the sale of defensive arms to Taiwan, a Taiwanese foreign ministry official said, following reports that the U.S. may form a task force with China to discuss, among other issues, weapons sales to Taiwan.

US-China Panel Won't Discuss Taiwan Arms Sales: US (2013-08-23)
(CNA) American and Chinese defense officials plan to set up a joint task force to deal with issues of mutual concern, but weapons sales to Taiwan will not be part of the agenda, an unnamed Pentagon official said.

Ma Stays Firm on Commitment to US Arms Purchases  (2013-08-24)
(Taipei Times) President Ma Ying-jeou stressed the “six assurances” issued by the US government and said the government will continue arms procurements with the US to safeguard national security.

A Tale of Two Volunteer Programs: China and Taiwan (2013-08-23)
(China Brief 13(17), Jamestown Foundation, By Kevin McCauley) It appears that the PLA is moving forward as it relies to a greater extent on volunteers to man high-tech units, while the Taiwanese program appears to be in deep trouble. 

The Democratic Progressive Party's Defense Policy Blue Papers and the Opposition's Vision for Taiwan's National Defense (2013-08-23)
(China Brief 13(17), Jamestown Foundation, By Michael S. Chase) Perhaps one of the DPP’s most important aims in emphasizing its national defense credentials is to serve its broader effort to strengthen its image and improve its relations with analysts and officials in the United States.

Taiwan's Foreign Relations
Ma Ends Whirlwind St. Vincent Visit (2013-08-19)
(China Post) President Ma Ying-jeou wrapped up a one-day visit to St. Vincent, during which he met with state officials, planted a tree and attended the official opening of a Taiwan-funded bridge.

ROC to Be Honored at US War Cemetery
(Taipei Times) The memorial marker is scheduled to be installed today in a Hawaii cemetery in memory of ROC servicemen who died in World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

Report Lauds Taiwan's Humanitarian Efforts
(Taipei Times) Taiwan has emerged as a major contributor of humanitarian aid in the world, through post-disaster relief efforts and partnerships that help Latin American countries better prepare for natural disasters.

Japan Relations Chief Hopeful of Signing Trade Pacts (2013-08-21)
(Taipei Times) Association of East Asian Relations Chairman Lee Chia-chin said he hoped Taiwan and Japan could sign five trade agreements by Oct. 10 to pave the way for bilateral talks on a free-trade agreement, Kyodo News agency reported. 

Bo Xilai's Trial Begins; China's Domestic Issues
Fallen Official's Trial Begins in China (2013-08-22)
(New York Times, By Edward Wong) The trial of Bo Xilai, the fallen Communist Party aristocrat, began Thursday morning in a closed-door hearing in Jinan.

Bo Xilai Is Surprisingly Combative during Trial in China (2013-08-22)
(Washington Post, By William Wan) For the first time in China’s legal history, the trial was relayed online with remarkable openness by the government, which posted updates, photos and transcripts on a live blog throughout the day. But it was Bo’s unexpectedly vigorous defense that drew the most attention.

Bo Xilai Trial: Political Eulogy or First Step toward a Comeback?  (2013-08-25)
(Washington Post, By William Wan) For a man toppled from power, purged from China’s ruling Communist Party and almost certain to spend much of the next decade in prison, disgraced official Bo Xilai is certainly not behaving like someone whose political life is over.

China's Game of Thrones (2013-08-21)
(Wall Street Journal) Mr. Bo's fall has undermined three core claims of the Communist Party. First, that the national leadership is unified. Second, that the process of selecting the next generation of leaders is institutionalized. And finally that open struggle for power like that seen during the 1966-76 Cultural Revolution can never happen again. 

China Takes Aim at Western Ideas (2013-08-20)
(New York Times, By Chris Buckley) Even as Mr. Xi has sought to prepare some reforms to expose China’s economy to stronger market forces, he has undertaken a “mass line” campaign to enforce party authority that goes beyond the party’s periodic calls for discipline.


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