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Cross-Strait Relations
Independence Cannot Be Decided by Taiwanese Alone: DPP Heavyweight (2021-07-04)
(CNA) Taiwan has to face the reality that the decision on whether to officially declare independence cannot be made by Taiwanese alone given the possible reaction of China and United States opposition, ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) heavyweight Chiou I-jen (邱義仁) said Sunday. 

US Does Not Support Taiwan Independence: Kurt Campbell (2021-07-07)
(Nikkei Asia, By Ken Moriyasu) U.S President Joe Biden's point man on Asia is "astonished" by China's determination to play the leading role on the global stage and will "step up" its engagement in Southeast Asia to hold back such a trend. But the administration does not support Taiwan independence and understands the sensitivities involved, Indo-Pacific Coordinator Kurt Campbell said Tuesday.

Pursuit of Taiwan Independence Will 'Lead Nowhere': KMT Chair (2021-07-07)
(CNA, By Liu Kuan-ting, Yeh Su-ping, and Teng Pei-ju) Johnny Chiang (江啟臣), chairman of Taiwan's main opposition Kuomintang (KMT), said Wednesday it is not feasible for Taiwan to seek independence, as it would be a futile effort.

Dire Straits: Taiwan’s Fragile Status Quo (2021-07-03)
(The Diplomat, By Hanns W. Maull) For Taipei, Beijing, and Washington, the standoff is about national identities as much as territory.
U.S.-Taiwan Relations
Sandra Oudkirt Announced As New AIT Director (2021-07-06)
(CNA) The American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) announced Tuesday that Sandra Oudkirk, United States deputy assistant secretary of state for Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, has been appointed as the new director of its Taipei office.

President Tsai Thanks Outgoing AIT Director for Boosting Taiwan-U.S. Ties (2021-07-10)
(CNA, By Wen Kuei-hsiang and Teng Pei-ju) President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) received departing director of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) Brent Christensen at her official residence on Friday and thanked him for promoting stronger relations between Taiwan and the United States.

AIT Deputy Director to Head U.S. Mission in Japan; Successor Named (2021-07-02)
(CNA) Veteran diplomat Jeremy Cornforth has been appointed as the new deputy director of the Taipei office of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), replacing Raymond Greene, who will become chargé d'affaires at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo. 

Interview: US, Taiwan Trade Talks and Global Semiconductor Shortage (2021-07-08)
(VOA, By Nike Ching) Matt Murray, the State Department’s deputy assistant secretary for trade policy and negotiations, told VOA the U.S. will continue trade talks with Taiwan under the framework of TIFA, along with working-level consultations under the so-called Economic Prosperity Partnership Dialogue (EPPD) which was launched last November. Additional talks are focused on the resilience of global supply chains, including semiconductors.

America Now Has a 'One China, One Taiwan' Policy: TIFA and TIPA Will Strengthen It (2021-07-06)
(The Hill, By Joseph Bosco) TIPA eliminates the critical loss of time that would be consumed in frantic administration and congressional debate under the urgent circumstances of an actual or imminent Chinese attack. The Act provides for a preemptive congressional vote now to enable timely and thoughtful deliberation of America’s national security interests — before China’s current naval and aviation incursions suddenly become something more sinister.
Taiwan's Domestic Politics and Foreign Relations
Taiwan's Domestic Politics
Can Taiwan Provide the Alternative to Digital Authoritarianism? (2021-07-05)
(The Diplomat, By Melissa Newcomb) China and Taiwan are becoming digital states in parallel — China as a digital authoritarian regime, and Taiwan as a digital democracy.

President Tsai Names New Vice Defense Minister (2021-07-09)
(CNA, By Lai Yu-chen, Chung Yu-chen, and Emerson Lim) President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) has appointed Po Hung-hui (柏鴻輝), deputy chief executive officer of the Institute for National Defense Security Research (INDSR), as the new vice defense minister in charge of policy at the Ministry of National Defense (MND).

Taiwan's Foreign Relations
Japan to Send 1.13 Million More Doses of AstraZeneca Vaccine to Taiwan Thursday (2021-07-06)
(Taiwan News, By Keoni Everington) At a press briefing Tuesday morning (July 6), Japanese Foreign Minister Motegi Toshimitsu announced that his country will provide an additional 1.13 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine to Taiwan on Thursday, reported UDN. He also reiterated that Japan received aid from Taiwan during the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami and that Japan is reciprocating now that Taiwan is in need.

Taiwan Receives another 1.1M Doses of Vaccine from Japan (2021-07-08)
(Associated Press) Taiwan on Thursday received 1.13 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine from Japan in the second such donation this year.

Australian Trade Minister Meets Taiwanese Counterpart Online: Envoy (2021-07-05)
(CNA) Australia's Trade Minister Dan Tehan held an online meeting with Taiwan's Economics Minister Wang Mei-hua (王美花) recently, Australia's top envoy in Taiwan confirmed Monday.

U.K., Taiwan Hold Energy Dialogue (2021-07-09)
(CNA, By Tseng Chi-yi and Emerson Lim) British Office Taipei and Taiwan's Bureau of Energy recently co-hosted the third United Kingdom-Taiwan Energy Dialogue online to discuss carbon reduction and offshore wind cooperation, the British Office said Friday.

President Tsai Welcomes Haitian Ambassador Penn to Taiwan
(Taiwan News, By Micah McCartney) Newly minted Haitian ambassador Roudy Stanley Penn on Tuesday (July 6) presented his credentials to President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文), who commended his years of experience in public policy.

Taiwan, Czech Think Tanks Ink MOU on Defense Research Cooperation (2021-07-07)
(CNA, By Matt Yu and Evelyn Kao) Taiwan's Institute for National Defense Security Research (INDSR) said Wednesday it has signed a memorandum of understanding with a Czech think tank to strengthen exchanges and cooperation on research in the areas of security and national defense.
U.S.-China Relations
US Firms Cannot Ignore the Growing Risks of a Possible China-US Military Conflict (2021-07-02)
(The Diplomat, By Sara Hsu) U.S. businesses need to consider the impact of a physical conflict on their Chinese production and distribution bases.

China Fires Back at Biden with Conspiracy Theories About Maryland Lab (2021-07-09)
(Foreign Policy, By Bret Schafer) Since Washington launched the Wuhan lab leak investigation, Beijing has been pushing bizarre narratives.

Regime Change Is Not an Option in China (2021-07-08)
(Foreign Affairs, By Evan S. Medeiros and Ashley J. Tellis) Although ideological competition may be inevitable, targeting the CCP is not only a highly impractical strategy but also a dangerous one. Any attempt at regime change would likely fail and impose long-term costs on U.S. efforts to shape Chinese behavior. Few U.S. allies and partners would support undermining the Chinese party-state—blunting perhaps the most important tool in Washington’s strategic arsenal. Such an approach would isolate the United States and intensify its already deep rivalry with Beijing. Instead, Washington should focus on changing Chinese behavior, not the CCP.

Washington to Add More Chinese Firms to its Entity List (2021-07-10)
(Taipei Time) The US Department of Commerce was set as early as yesterday to add more than 10 Chinese companies to its economic blacklist over alleged human rights abuses and high-tech surveillance in Xinjiang, two sources said.
China's Domestic Politics and Foreign Relations
China's Domestic Politics
The Party’s Party Is All About Xi (2021-07-01)
(Foreign Policy, By Melinda Liu) As the Chinese Communist Party celebrates its 100th anniversary, nothing else counts but “Xi Jinping Thought.”

At 100, Chinese Communist Party in Renewed Drive for Legitimacy (2021-07-02)
(The Diplomat, By Pratik Jakhar) The party has seized upon the anniversary to bolster its appeal through a blend of narratives that incorporate past glories, present successes, and future greatness.

‘Who Are Our Enemies?’ China’s Bitter Youths Embrace Mao (2021-07-08)
(New York Times, By Li Yuan) Chairman Mao is making a comeback among China’s Generation Z. The Communist Party’s supreme leader, whose decades of nonstop political campaigns cost millions of lives, is inspiring and comforting disaffected people born long after his death in 1976. To them, Mao Zedong is a hero who speaks to their despair as struggling nobodies.

The CCP’s Greatest Strength Is “Self-Reinvention” (2021-07-02)
(Foreign Policy, By Eric Li) An advocate for China argues the party’s capacity for renewal has kept it at the vanguard of the nation’s youth.

How the CCP Uses History (2021-07-01)
(The Diplomat, By Nicholas Ross Smith and Tracey Fallon) The party’s embrace of tailored history has accelerated ahead of the 100th anniversary of the CCP’s founding.

China Won’t Bury Us, Either (2021-07-05)
(New York Times, By Bret Stephens) But appearances of strength tend to obscure realities of weakness, hidden cracks behind imposing facades. For Beijing, the crack is that the regime is based on lying. The real problem with the lying is that a regime that lies nonstop to others eventually lies to itself as well.

‘Red Cradles’ Nurture China’s Next Generation of Communist Leaders (2021-07-04)
(New York Times, By Chris Buckley and Keith Bradsher) No audience would seem more receptive to Mr. Xi’s message than the students at China’s thousands of Communist Party-run schools, which train tens of thousands of officials every year. They teach political doctrine, party history, economics and other policy subjects, and Mr. Xi’s ideas are now core to their curriculums.

China’s Crackdown on Didi Is a Reminder That Beijing Is in Charge (2021-07-05)
(New York Times, By Raymond Zhong) Beijing’s moves against Didi — halting new user sign-ups, then ordering it off app stores in a span of two days — stand out both for their speed and for coming so soon after the company’s initial public offering last week. They send a stark message to Chinese businesses about the government’s authority over them, even if they operate globally and their stock trades overseas. And they are a reminder to international investors in Chinese companies about the regulatory curveballs that can sometimes come hurtling their way.

For China’s Business Elites, Staying Out of Politics Is No Longer an Option (2021-07-06)
(New York Times, By Li Yuan) By going after Didi and a few other U.S.-listed internet companies for data security concerns, Beijing has effectively laid the last brick of the digital Berlin Wall that increasingly separates the Chinese internet from the rest of the world. Beijing has made it clear that it is serious about keeping important data within its borders while pressuring its tech elites, who are among the biggest beneficiaries of globalization, to show their loyalty and obedience.

China's Foreign Relations 
The Man Behind China’s Aggressive New Voice (2021-07-07)
(New York Times, By Alex W. Palmer) Zhao’s recent ascent through the ranks mirrors China’s broader awakening to its own power, a development that has been decades in the making but was rapidly accelerated by the pandemic. Today, with the pandemic slowly waning and the battle to control what comes next beginning in earnest, a newly wary world is watching as China discovers its voice — one that sounds a lot like Zhao Lijian.

China’s Repression Reaches Australian Universities (2021-07-02)
(The Diplomat, By Joshua Mcdonald) A new Human Rights Watch report details Chinese government efforts to surveil and intimidate Chinese students attending Australian universities.

China-Russia: A Strategic Partnership Short on Strategy (2021-06-30)
(The Diplomat, By Nicholas Trickett) The most recent Putin-Xi summit inadvertently showcased the lack of positive agenda items underpinning the two nations’ relationship.
Military Balance
US Envoy Warns China ‘Looking at’ New Nuclear Technologies (2021-07-08)
(Associated Press, By Jamey Keaten) A U.S. diplomat focusing on disarmament said Thursday that China is “looking at” developing naval and aerial autonomous nuclear weapons systems, warning any such development could disrupt strategic stability.

Chinese Electronic Warfare Turboprop Enters Taiwan’s ADIZ (2021-07-09)
(Taiwan News, By Eric Chang) A Chinese military plane flew into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Thursday morning (July 9), marking the fifth intrusion this month.
Regional Issues
Japan, U.S. Must Defend Taiwan Together, Deputy Premier Aso Says (2021-07-05)
(Bloomberg, By Isabel Reynolds) In comments at a political fundraising party in Tokyo on Monday, Aso said an invasion of Taiwan by China could be seen as an existential threat, allowing Japan to exercise the right to collective self-defense, Kyodo reported.

It’s Getting More Likely The Japanese Would Fight For Taiwan (2021-07-02)
(By David Axe) A clear willingness by Japan to send its troops into battle over Taiwan severely could complicate Chinese planning. Perhaps to the point of making an invasion unacceptably risky. That’s the whole point of Tokyo’s new willingness at least to discuss an active role in Taiwan’s defense. “We have to show deterrence to China,” Nakayama said. 

Japan, Philippines to Hold First Ever Joint Air Exercises (2021-07-02)
(The Diplomat, By Sebastian Strangio) The two nations share overlapping concerns about China’s growing maritime capability and assertiveness.

US Clears F-16 Sale to Philippines as South China Sea Tensions Brew (2021-06-30)
(The Diplomat, By Nick Aspinwall) Whether Manila can afford them is another question.

As China Rises, Britain and Australia Need Closer Security Ties (2021-07-06)
(Foreign Policy, By Tom Tugendhat) Drinking more shiraz isn’t enough to counter Beijing.

EU Starts Work on Rival to China’s Belt and Road Initiative (2021-07-06)
(Politico, By Stuart Lau) According to draft EU Council conclusions seen by POLITICO, European governments want the Commission to spend the next nine months coming up with a list of "high impact and visible projects" to rival China's Belt and Road Initiative. EU foreign ministers are expected to sign off on the idea on Monday.

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