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Cross-Strait Relations
China Says Taiwan Pineapple Ban Not About Politics as War of Words Escalates (2021-03-01)
(Reuters) China on Monday denied accusations by Taiwan that a ban on pineapples from the island was about politics, saying it was purely a matter of biosecurity, in an escalating war of words that has added to existing tensions.
U.S.-Taiwan Relations
U.S. Legislators Introduce Bill to Resume Formal Ties with Taiwan (2021-03-02)
(CNA, By Stacy Hsu, Chung Yu-chen and Emerson Lim) Two United States congressmen have introduced a resolution calling for the U.S. government to resume formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan and end the "one China policy," which they described as outdated and counter-productive.

US Reaffirms Taiwan Support in Report (2021-03-05)
(Taipei Times/CNA, By Lu Yi-hsuan and Jonathan Chin) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday thanked US President Joe Biden’s administration after it issued interim guidance on strategic priorities, including reaffirming support for Taiwan.
Taiwan's Domestic Politics and Foreign Relations
Taiwan's Domestic Politics
Formosa Poll February 2021 (2021-03-04)
(Formosa) According to the Taiwan Mood Barometer Survey conducted by Formosa in late January, 59.2% of respondents indicated that they trusted President Tsai Ing-wen (a decrease of 0.4% since the previous survey), while 34.6% indicated that they did not trust Tsai (a decrease of 1.6% since the previous survey). 59.8% indicated that they were satisfied with Tsai’s performance (an increase of 2.0% since the previous survey), while 36.6% indicated that they were dissatisfied (a decrease of 2.9% since the previous survey). 54.2% indicated that they were satisfied with the performance of Premier Su Tseng-chang (an increase of 2.2% since the previous survey), while 40.3% indicated that they were dissatisfied (a decrease of 3.1% since the previous survey). 23.7% respondents cosidered their party affiliation pan-blue, while 39.7% pan-green, and 36.6% independent.

Taiwan Shuffles Cabinet in Signal to Biden Administration
(The Diplomat, By Nick Aspinwall) The country named new heads of defense and China policy in what is being interpreted as an attempt to cool cross-strait tensions and work with the United States.

Taiwan's Foreign Relations 
Flemish Parliament Passes Resolution to Strengthen Ties with Taiwan (2021-03-04)
(CNA, By Tang Pei-chun, Chung Yu-chen and Emerson Lim) The Flemish Parliament of Federal Belgium approved a resolution on Wednesday calling for the region's government to strengthen its ties with Taiwan and work on promoting peace across the Taiwan Strait.

Lithuania Plans to Open Office in Taiwan: Report (2021-03-04)
(Taipei Times, By Jake Chung) Lithuania plans to open a representative office in Taiwan, and leave a Beijing-led alliance with central and eastern European nations, Lithuanian Radio and Television (LRT) quoted a lawmaker as saying on Tuesday.

Taiwan, U.S., Eswatini Hold Online Talks on Partnership Opportunities (2021-03-05)
(CNA, By Chung Yu-chen, Stacy Hsu, and Elizabeth Hsu) Taiwan, the United States and the Kingdom of Eswatini jointly hosted a virtual Partnership Opportunity Delegation (POD) on Thursday, the first time Taiwan and the U.S. had expanded to an African country the cooperation model aimed at creating business opportunities in like-minded countries.
U.S.-China Relations
US Sets Out Security Agenda ‘To Prevail in Strategic Competition with China’, Other Nations (2021-03-04)
(SCMP, By Sarah Zheng) US President Joe Biden has released a national security agenda outlining how the country would compete with an increasingly assertive China, including by moving to restore its global leadership and boosting alliances to both counter and leverage cooperation from Beijing. Interim National Security Strategic Guidance

Thousands of Microsoft Customers May Have Been Victims of Hack Tied to China
(New York Times, By Kate Conger and Sheera Frenkel) Businesses and government agencies in the United States that use a Microsoft email service have been compromised in an aggressive hacking campaign that was probably sponsored by the Chinese government, Microsoft said.

U.S. Senate Backs Bill to Clamp Down on China-Funded Confucius Institutes (2021-03-05)
(Reuters) The U.S. Senate unanimously approved a bill to tighten controls on Chinese-funded cultural centers on university campuses known as Confucius Institutes, the latest in a series of efforts to crack down on the centers lawmakers accuse of being propaganda tools.

The United States and China Are Fighting Over the Dalai Lama’s Reincarnation Plans
(Foreign Policy, By Kelsang Dolma) The Chinese Communist Party claims ultimate control over Tibetan souls.

Biden Wants to Compete With China. Here’s How. (2021-03-02)
(Foreign Policy, By Elise Labott) Washington’s battle with Beijing is not one of investment or innovation but one of values.

Can the US and China Cooperate in Africa? (2021-03-02)
(The Diplomat, By R. Maxwell Bone & Ferdinando Cinotto) Competition aside, Washington and Beijing have many shared interests on the African continent, from security to economics to public health.
China's Domestic Politics and Foreign Relations
China's Domestic Politics
‘The East Is Rising’: Xi Maps Out China’s Post-Covid Ascent (2021-03-03)
(New York Times, By Chris Buckley) Xi Jinping has struck a confident posture as he looks to secure China’s prosperity and power in a post-Covid world, saying that the country is entering a time of opportunity when “the East is rising and the West is declining.” As Beijing rolls out a long-term plan, its top leader has also warned that “the United States is the biggest threat.”

A Confident China Promises Robust Growth and a Hard Line on Hong Kong
(New York Times, By Keith Bradsher, Chris Buckley and Vivian Wang) Officials said the economy would grow by more than 6 percent this year. They also pushed ahead with an electoral overhaul in Hong Kong that would cripple the opposition.

China’s Plan to Win in a Post-Pandemic World
(New York Times, By Amy Qin) China unveiled a road map for cementing its rise in a post-Covid world as it opened one of its biggest political events of the year on Friday, casting its success against the coronavirus as evidence of the superiority of its top-down leadership while warning of threats at home and abroad.

Hong Kong Charges 47 Democracy Supporters With Violating Security Law
(New York Times, By Austin Ramzy and Tiffany May) The Hong Kong authorities charged dozens of pro-democracy figures on Sunday with violating the Chinese territory’s harsh new national security law, the latest blow to the dwindling hopes for democracy in the former British colony.

Pro-Beijing Committee to Elect Some Hong Kong Legislators (2021-03-05)
(Associated Press, By Zen Soo and Ken Moritsugu) A largely pro-Beijing committee that elects Hong Kong’s leader will also choose a large part of the legislature, a top Chinese official announced Friday as part of a major revamp that will increase central government control over Hong Kong politics.

China’s Nationality Law Is a Cage for Hong Kongers (2021-03-02)
(Foreign Policy, By Kris Cheng) Foreign passport holders risk being trapped in China by nervous authorities.

China Counters Uighur Criticism with Explicit Attacks on Women Witnesses (2021-03-01)
(Reuters, By Cate Cadell) As allegations of human rights violations in Xinjiang mount, with a growing number of Western lawmakers accusing China of genocide, Beijing is focusing on discrediting the female Uighur witnesses behind recent reports of abuse.

How Will China Avoid Consequences for Its Uyghur Policy? (2021-03-02)
(The Diplomat, By Bonnie Girard) The international toll is growing. But the domestic consequences are what Beijing should truly fear.

China's Foreign Relations 
Human Rights Concerns Continue to Dog 2022 Beijing Olympics (2021-03-02)
(The Diplomat, By Philip Citowicki) With less than a year to the Winter Olympics in Beijing, the calls for a boycott will only get louder.

Can China Change the Definition of Human Rights? (2021-03-02)
(The Diplomat, By Shannon Tiezzi) In a speech to the U.N. Human Rights Council, China’s foreign minister gave China’s preferred spin to the concept.

Is International Pressure Coalescing on China’s Xinjiang Policy? (2021-03-02)
(The Diplomat, By Eleanor Albert) Separate moves from Canada, the U.S., and the U.K. show signs of growing backlash to China’s human rights abuses.

The Politics Behind China’s COVID-19 Vaccine Choices (2021-03-02)
(The Diplomat, By Bonnie Girard) China is keeping its vaccination campaign homegrown — despite some reservations from the public.

China and Russia: Vaccine Competitors or Partners? (2021-03-02)
(The Diplomat, By Elizabeth Wishnick) Despite cooperating on some aspects, China and Russia are also directly competing for the same vaccine markets – and the national prestige that comes with it.

China’s Soft Power Grows in the Philippines (2021-03-02)
(The Diplomat, By Jason Hung) China is using a targeted expansion of its pop culture and media in the Philippines to promote pro-China narratives and content.
Military Balance
China’s 6.8 Per Cent Rise in Military Spending Expected to Stoke Unease in Region (2021-03-06)
(SCMP, By Minnie Chan) The gap between China’s military and its regional counterparts is widening, with Beijing announcing a 6.8 per cent rise in defence spending on Friday that observers say will stoke concerns among its neighbours
Regional Issues
South China Sea: PLA Stages Live-Fire Missile Drill, US Navy on Paracels Patrol (2021-02-28)
(SCMP, By Catherine Wong) The Chinese military’s Southern Theatre Command conducted a live-fire drill to test its response to repeated missile attacks in a “far sea”, state broadcaster CCTV reported on Saturday without saying when or where the exercise took place.

Taiwan Stages Live-Fire Drill on Island in South China Sea
(CNA, By Matt Yu and Joseph Yeh) The Coast Guard Administration (CGA) was scheduled to hold a round of live-fire exercises on the Taiwan-held Pratas (Dongsha) Islands in the South China Sea on Monday amid rising tensions in the region.

China Targeted India’s Power Grid, New Report Says (2021-03-02)
(The Diplomat, By Abhijnan Rej) Recorded Future, a private intelligence firm, claims that a Chinese state-backed entity systematically targeted multiple load dispatch points to strategic ends.

China and India Declare Ladakh Victory – On Traditional and Social Media (2021-03-02)
(The Diplomat, By Abhijnan Rej) As the ten-month long standoff in Ladakh inches toward resolution, both sides are eager to score domestic points.

Climate Cooperation With China Can Power the World – Sustainably (2021-03-02)
(The Diplomat, By Michael R. Davidson and Yiting Wang) The Belt and Road is accused of exporting China’s coal addiction. But it could also be a platform for spreading green energy around the world.

Latin American Governments Are Caught in the Middle of the U.S.-China Tech War
(Foreign Policy, By Oliver Stuenkel) So far, policymakers have maintained strong ties with both nations. In 2021, they may face a point of no return.

Welcome to the All-Consuming Great Power Competition (2021-03-02)
(The Diplomat, By Robert Farley) The rhetoric of great power competition threatens to devour every other aspect of U.S. foreign policy.

Myanmar Army Tells U.N. It Is Ready to Weather Sanctions, Isolation, Envoy Says (2021-03-03)
(Reuters, By Michelle Nichols) Myanmar’s military says it is ready to withstand sanctions and isolation after its Feb. 1 coup, a top United Nations official said on Wednesday as she urged countries to “take very strong measures” to restore democracy in the Southeast Asian nation.

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