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Cross-Strait Relations
Struck Between the Pandemic and Politics, Some Countries Ban Rivals' Vaccines (2021-02-03)
(Washington Post, By Adam Taylor) In Taiwan, where officials have spoken out since last year against vaccines made in China, authorities recently reiterated that imports of these vaccines are banned and warned that Taiwanese civilians living in China could face quarantine when they return home. 
U.S.-Taiwan Relations
U.S.-Taiwan Ties Boosted by Military Teamwork in South China Sea (2021-02-02)
(Newsweek, By John Feng) Tacit military exchanges between Washington and Taipei took another step forward this week when Taiwan's defense ministry began openly notifying the public of U.S. military aircraft activity near the island.

Most US Opinion Leaders Back Military Defence of Taiwan if China Invades, Survey Finds (2021-02-02)
(SCMP, By Sarah Zheng) Most foreign policy leaders and professionals in the United States support the use of American troops to defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion, but it is opposed by the majority of the US public, a new survey has found.

U.S. Urges China to Stop Pressuring Taiwan (2021-02-03)
(CNA, By Stacy Hsu, Chiang Chin-yeh, and Chung Yu-chen) The United States has urged Beijing to stop putting pressure on Taiwan in multiple spheres in response to a senior Chinese official's comment that Washington should respect Beijing's position on Taiwan.
Taiwan's Domestic Politics and Foreign Relations
Taiwan's Domestic Politics
Deliberation Called For Before Emblem Change (2021-01-31)
(Taipei Times, By Lee Hsin-fang, Peng Wan-hsin, and William Hetherington) The Executive Yuan yesterday said that more deliberation was needed before a proposal to have the national emblem changed could be reviewed by the Ministry of the Interior. Lawmakers at an extraordinary session at the legislature in Taipei on Friday voted to request an evaluation report from the ministry on the issue, saying that the emblem is too similar to that of the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT).

Democracy Index Ranks Taiwan Top in Asia, 11th Globally (2021-02-03)
(CNA, By Chen Yi-wei and Evelyn Kao) Taiwan has jumped 20 places in the 2020 Democracy Index rankings to 11th position globally from 31st in 2019, to rank top in Asia, according to the index report released Tuesday by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

Taiwan's Foreign Relations 
Poland President Duda Signs Off on Legal Cooperation Pact with Taiwan (2021-02-01)
(CNA, By Matt Yu and Emerson Lim) An agreement between Taiwan and Poland on legal cooperation on criminal matters will soon take effect, as it has now been signed by Polish President Andrzej Duda, Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) said late Sunday.

Taiwan’s Chips Remain Core of Technopolitics (2021-02-02)
(Lawfare, By By Abby Lemert and Eleanor Runde) One-fifth of the world’s chip manufacturing is now in Taiwan, and TSMC holds 55 percent of the market share. Taiwan is now a “critical single point of failure” in chip manufacturing. Taiwan’s role was on display recently when chip shortages hit the auto sector and resulted in diplomatic pleas from Germany and, reportedly, the United States for Taiwan to accelerate production.

Taiwan Blames Chinese 'Bullying' for Guyana Revoking Rep Office (2021-02-04)
(Reuters) Taiwan on Friday blamed Chinese “bullying” for Guyana’s decision to revoke a deal for the island to open a representative office in the South American country, saying it had tried without success to get Guyana to change its mind.
U.S.-China Relations
The Longer Telegram (2021-01-28)
(Atlantic Council, By Anonymous) US strategy must remain laser focused on Xi, his inner circle, and the Chinese political context in which they rule. Changing their decision-making will require understanding, operating within, and changing their political and strategic paradigm. All US policy aimed at altering China’s behavior should revolve around this fact, or it is likely to prove ineffectual.

Why the ‘Longer Telegram’ Won’t Solve the China Challenge (2021-02-01)
(The National Interest, By Paul Heer) There are two fundamental flaws with the document’s analysis of the China side of the equation. The first is that even though Beijing’s strategic intentions and ambitions are extensive and global in scope, the author nonetheless overstates them. The second fundamental error in the report’s analysis of China is its singular focus on Xi Jinping.

Short of War
(Foreign Affairs, By Kevin Rudd) No matter what strategies the two sides pursue or what events unfold, the tension between the United States and China will grow, and competition will intensify; it is inevitable. War, however, is not. It remains possible for the two countries to put in place guardrails that would prevent a catastrophe: a joint framework for what I call “managed strategic competition” would reduce the risk of competition escalating into open conflict.

Sullivan Hits at China Over Taiwan
(Taipei Times/CNA) The US must be prepared to “impose costs” on China for its bellicosity and threats toward Taiwan, as well its actions in Hong Kong and Xinjiang, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said on Friday.

Clarity for Beijing and Taipei as Biden Team Says US Will Stay with One-China Policy (2021-02-04)
(SCMP, By Lawrence Chung) The US State Department has reaffirmed Washington’s one-China policy on Taiwan as the island tries to further raise its international profile by setting up an office in Guyana.

Biden Should Dump the Trump Playbook on Trade With China
(Foreign Policy, By Edward Alden) Washington should get back in the trade game and use it as leverage against Beijing.

Will the Biden Administration Embrace Trump’s Extreme Anti-China Rhetoric? (2021-02-02)
(The Diplomat, By Amitai Etzioni) The new administration will have to sidestep yet another Trump landmine.

The Future of China-US Sanctions Diplomacy (2021-02-02)
(The Diplomat, By Brian Wong) Sanctions are here to stay in U.S.-China relations. What does that mean for the relationship?
China's Domestic Politics and Foreign Relations
China's Domestic Politics
Power, Patriotism and 1.4 Billion People: How China Beat the Virus and Roared Back (2021-02-05)
(New York Times, By Steven Lee Myers, Keith Bradsher, Sui-Lee Wee and Chris Buckley) Beijing’s successes in each dimension of the pandemic — medical, diplomatic and economic — have reinforced its conviction that an authoritarian capacity to quickly mobilize people and resources gave China a decisive edge that other major powers like the United States lacked. It is an approach that emphasizes a relentless drive for results and relies on an acquiescent public.

Hong Kong’s Weaponization of the Courts Has Begun
(The Diplomat, By Thomas Chan) Even more than high-profile cases, stories from the lower courts paint a worrying picture for Hong Kong’s judicial independence.

Beijing’s Crackdown Runs Into Hong Kong’s Rule of Law (2021-02-02)
(The Diplomat, By Sarah Cook) Pushback against politically motivated prosecutions is emerging from lawyers, judges, and the principles of Hong Kong’s common law system itself.

China Strips License from Second Lawyer for HK Activists (2021-02-02)
(Associated Press, By Huizhong Wu) A second Chinese lawyer who represented a Hong Kong pro-democracy activist was stripped of his license on Tuesday as Beijing attempts to crush opposition to its tighter control over the territory.

China's Foreign Relations 
Xi Tells the World What He Really Wants (2021-02-02)
(Foreign Policy, By Stephen M. Walt) A close reading of this week’s revealing speech by the Chinese president.

U.K. Regulator Revokes License for China-Backed Broadcaster (2021-02-04)
(New York Times, By Isabella Kwai) Britain’s broadcasting regulator said on Thursday that it had withdrawn the license for China Global Television Network, an international news channel owned by a Chinese state broadcaster, to operate in the United Kingdom in part because its affiliation with the Chinese Communist Party violates broadcasting laws.

China Threatens Retaliation Over UK TV License Cancellation (2021-02-05)
(Associated Press) China on Friday threatened to retaliate after British regulators stripped China’s state TV channel of its U.K. broadcasting license, a decision based on technical issues but rooted in complaints about its role in persecuting critics of the ruling Communist Party.
Military Balance
Chinese, U.S. Military Aircraft Fly Near Taiwan's Airspace (2021-01-31)
(CNA, By Matt Yu and Evelyn Kao) Five Chinese military aircraft flew into Taiwan's southwest air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Sunday, the same day the Ministry of National Defense (MND) revealed a United States military reconnaissance aircraft was monitored flying close to Taiwan's airspace.

Another Chinese Military Aircraft Enters Taiwan's ADIZ
(CNA, By Matt Yu and Frances Huang) A Chinese aircraft entered the southwestern section of Taiwan's air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Monday following frequent incursions in January, according to the Ministry of National Defense (MND).

Chinese Spy Plane Enters Taiwan ADIZ, 12th Straight Day of Incursions (2021-02-02)
(CNA, By Emerson Lim) A Chinese military spy plane entered Taiwan's southwest air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Tuesday evening, the 12th consecutive day there have been intrusions, according to Taiwan's Ministry of National Defense (MND).

Chinese Tactical Reconnaissance Plane Enters Taiwan's ADIZ (2021-02-06)
(CNA, By Chen Yun-yu and Ko Lin) A Chinese Y-8 tactical reconnaissance plane entered the southwestern section of Taiwan's air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Saturday, according to the Ministry of National Defense (MND).

Military Unveils Changes to Reservist Call-Up System (2021-02-04)
(Taipei Times with CNA) The Ministry of National Defense yesterday said that starting next year, the military would introduce new rules governing the call-up of reservists to improve the combat readiness of the nation’s reserve forces.

Navy Warship’s Transit of Taiwan Strait a First under Biden Administration (2021-02-04)
(Military Times, By Geoff Ziezulewicz) For the first time in the presidency of Joe Biden, a U.S. Navy warship steamed through the Taiwan Strait on Thursday, according to the Japan-based U.S. 7th Fleet. The guided-missile destroyer John S. McCain’s transit “demonstrates the U.S. commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific,” 7th Fleet said in a statement.

China's Latest Weapon Against Taiwan: The Sand Dredger (2021-02-05)
(Reuters, By Yimou Lee) Taiwanese coast guard commander Lin Chie-ming is on the frontline of a new type of warfare that China is waging against Taiwan. China’s weapon? Sand.
Regional Issues
Coup Puts Myanmar at the Center of U.S.-China Clash (2021-02-02)
(Wall Street Journal, By Niharika Mandhana, Warren P. Strobel and Feliz Solomon) The U.S. has framed its approach to Myanmar as a push for democracy and human rights. The focus of Beijing, which says it has a policy of noninterference in the domestic affairs of other countries, has largely been on economic and strategic interests. The differences were clear in the response by the two nations to the coup.

Sino-Burmese Rally Against Coup from Taiwan Safe Haven (2021-02-06)
(Reuters, By Ben Blanchard) Hundreds of people from Taiwan’s large Sino-Burmese community rallied in a Taipei suburb on Saturday to denounce the coup in Myanmar and express their support for detained leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

China Authorizes Coast Guard to Fire on Foreign Vessels If Needed
(Reuters, By Yew Lun Tian) China passed a law that for the first time explicitly allows its coast guard to fire on foreign vessels, a move that could make the contested waters around China more choppy.

China’s Coast Guard Law: Destabilizing or Reassuring? (2021-02-02)
(The Diplomat, By Shuxian Luo) The new law represents an integral step toward clarifying and standardizing the operations of the China Coast Guard, but that hasn’t stopped regional unease.

U.S. Warship Sails Near Chinese-Controlled S.China Sea Islands (2021-02-05)
(Reuters) A U.S. warship sailed near the Chinese-controlled Paracel Islands in the disputed South China Sea on Friday in a freedom of navigation operation, the U.S. Navy said, the first such mission under President Joe Biden’s new administration.

Australia to Boost its Naval Arsenal to Counter China (2021-02-02)
(The Diplomat, By Steven Stashwick) Government announces $1 billion investment in new missiles, mine sweepers.

China-Australia Relations: State Media Blast ‘Disingenuous’ Comments from PM Scott Morrison (2021-02-02)
(SCMP) Chinese state media on Wednesday lashed out at the latest call from Australia to reset fractured diplomatic ties, saying “it will take more than a verbal olive branch to repair” the relationship.

UK Makes Formal Request to Join Trans-Pacific Trade Deal
(Reuters, By William James) Britain made a formal request to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) on Monday, seeking membership of the 11-country deal to open new avenues for post-Brexit trade and influence.

Philippines Cancels Massive Chinese-Led Airport Project (2021-02-02)
(The Diplomat, By Sebastian Strangio) President Duterte has surprisingly little to show for his much-vaunted "pivot to China."

Why Attempts to Build a New Anti-China Alliance Will Fai (2021-02-02)
(Foreign Policy, By Kishore Mahbubani) The big strategic game in Asia isn’t military but economic.

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