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Kerry Gershaneck, "Political Warfare: Strategies for Combating China’s Plan to 'Win Without Fighting" (Marine Corps University Press) (corrected title) 

Dan Blumenthal, "The China Nightmare: The Grand Ambitions of a Decaying State" (AEI Press)
Cross-Strait Relations
CUPP’s Ho Charged Over ‘United Front’ Spy Network Claim (2020-12-09)
(Taipei Times, By Jason Pan) The Taipei District Prosecutors’ Office on Monday indicted Ho Jianghua (何建華), head of the China Unification Promotion Party’s (CUPP) women’s department, and her aide Pao Ke-ming (包克明) over their alleged involvement in setting up a spy network for Beijing.

Three Alleged Chinese Cyberagents Held (2020-12-12)
(Taipei Times, By Jason Pan) Authorities on Thursday arrested three Taiwanese for allegedly working as agents of the Chinese government, spreading disinformation through social media networks, the Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau (MJIB) said yesterday.

Survey Finds 85 Percent Define as Taiwanese (2020-12-11)
(Taipei Times, By Jason Pan) Regarding national identification, 59.8 percent of respondents said they are Taiwanese, while only 2.9 percent identified as Chinese, Taiwan Thinktank deputy executive-general Doong Sy-chi (董思齊) told a news conference in Taipei, adding that 34 percent of respondents said they identify as Taiwanese and Chinese.
U.S.-Taiwan Relations
U.S. House Passes Defense Bill with Provisions Supporting Taiwan (2020-12-09)
(CNA, By Chiang Chin-yeh and Matthew Mazzetta) The United States House of Representatives on Tuesday passed an annual defense policy bill, which contained sections supporting continued arms sales to Taiwan and establishing an initiative to bolster the U.S. military's presence in the Asia Pacific region.

U.S. Defense Bill With Pro-Taiwan Provisions Approved by Senate (2020-12-12)
(CNA, By Chiang Chin-yeh and Matthew Mazzetta) The United States Senate on Friday adopted provisions supporting continued arms sales to Taiwan and establishing an initiative to bolster the U.S. military's presence in the Asia Pacific region, as part of an annual defense policy bill.
Taiwan's Domestic Politics and Foreign Relations
Taiwan's Domestic Politics
Taipei Court Rejects CTiTV's Effort to Prevent Closure of News Channel (2020-12-07)
(CNA, By Liu Shih-i and Chiang Yi-ching) The Taipei High Administrative Court on Monday rejected a request by CTiTV for an injunction to prevent the shutdown of its CTi News channel when its six-year broadcast license expires on Dec. 11.

Leading Pro-China News Channel in Taiwan is Taken Off Air (2020-12-12)
(Associated Press, By Taijing Wu and Huizhong Wu) CTiTV’s channel 52 broadcast a countdown and then went black after midnight. The cable network, whose non-news channels were not affected, plans to continue putting news on YouTube and other digital platforms.

Taiwan's Foreign Relations 
Taiwanese Shut out of UNESCO Events (2020-12-06)
(Taipei Times, By Lu Yi-hsuan and William Hetherington) Taiwanese are to be excluded from participating in all UNESCO-affiliated events, the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) has confirmed, sources said yesterday.

President Pledges Support in Meeting with Australian Envoy (2020-12-07)
(CNA, By Emerson Lim) President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) on Monday thanked the departing Australian envoy to Taiwan Gary Cowan for his contributions to Taiwan-Australia relations and pledged that Taiwan will stand by Australia in difficult times.

Taiwan Touts Australian ‘Freedom Wine’ In Opposition to Chinese Tariffs
(The Diplomat, By Nick Aspinwall) President Tsai Ing-wen has prioritized Taiwan-Australia ties as part of her New Southbound Policy, and there’s momentum on both sides toward a potential trade agreement.

Australia and Taiwan in Sensitive Trade Talks as China Slams the Door (2020-12-12)
(The Sydney Morning Herald, By Anthony Galloway and Eryk Bagshaw) Australian officials have been talking with Taiwan about boosting trade between the two economies as the Morrison government looks for alternative markets for billions of dollars worth of exports hit by China’s trade strikes.

Taiwan Firm Donates COVID-19 Rapid Test Kits to Czech Republic (2020-12-09)
(CNA, By Lin Yu-li and Evelyn Kao) A Taiwanese biotechnology company donated 5,000 COVID-19 antibody rapid test kits to the Czech Republic on Tuesday at a ceremony witnessed by Czech Senate President Miloš Vystrčil in the Senate building.

Top EU Envoy Commends Taiwan on Human Rights Cooperation (2020-12-09)
(CNA, By Emerson Lim) The European Union's top envoy to Taiwan on Wednesday lauded the cooperation between the EU and Taiwan on human rights but said there was still room for improvement.

President Vows to Prioritize Human Rights in Policy Reforms (2020-12-10)
(CNA, By Chen Chun-hua, Liu Kuang-ting and Evelyn Kao) Through the promotion of human rights, Taiwan can strengthen its international cooperation and enhance foreign relations, President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) said, adding that she hopes Taiwan will enhance exchanges with international human rights advocates to get fresh thoughts and ideas in this field.

Taiwan, Saudi Arabia Ink Double Taxation Agreement (2020-12-11)
(Taipei Times/CNA) Taiwan and Saudi Arabia have signed an accord to avoid double taxation and income tax evasion, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said yesterday.
U.S.-China Relations
US Sanctions 14 China Officials Over Hong Kong Crackdown (2020-12-07)
(Associated Press, By Matthew Lee) The Trump administration is slapping sanctions on 14 Chinese officials over the crackdown on pro-democracy advocates in Hong Kong.

Citing Forced Labor Concerns, US Issues Ban on Xinjiang Cotton (2020-12-08)
(The Diplomat, By Eleanor Albert) U.S. businesses should not be allowed “to profit from slave labor,” a U.S. official said of the ban.

Biden Thinks He’s Tough on China. He’s Just Complacent
(Foreign Policy, By Bruno Maçães) The United States—from a combination of arrogance and ignorance—is preparing to tie its own hands on China policy.

5 Steps Joe Biden Should Take to Confront the China Challenge (2020-12-08)
(The Diplomat, By Joey Siu) China is a looming threat to international order. U.S. leadership in confronting the issue has never been more important.
China's Domestic Politics and Foreign Relations
China's Domestic Politics
China’s New Surveillance Currency (2020-12-08)
(The Diplomat, By Maximilian Kärnfelt and Kai von Carnap) China is wrong to think its digital currency will increase global payments in RMB. But Beijing has its eye on a different prize, anyway.

China Looks Ahead to 20th Party Congress in 2022
(The Diplomat, By Tristan Kenderdine) China’s elite politics begins the run toward the personnel changes of October 2022’s 20th Party Congress.

Hong Kong Arrests 8 More Activists as Crackdown on Opposition Shows No Sign of Let-Up (2020-12-07)
(Reuters) Hong Kong police arrested eight more activists on Tuesday over anti-government protests this year, the latest move in a relentless crackdown on opposition forces in the Chinese-ruled city.

Hong Kong Media Tycoon Jimmy Lai Charged Under National Security Law (2020-12-11)
(Reuters) Hong Kong democracy activist and media tycoon Jimmy Lai, 73, has been charged under the city’s national security law on suspicion of colluding with foreign forces, his Apple Daily newspaper reported on Friday, citing a police source.

China's Foreign Relations 
China Is Both Weak and Dangerous (2020-12-08)
(Foreign Policy, By Matthew Kroenig, Jeffrey Cimmino) “The China Nightmare” lays out the risks of a surprisingly fragile state.

Media Flubs Reporting on China’s Senkaku Comments
(The Diplomat, By Shin Kawashima) Reports on controversial comments by China’s foreign minister miss some key details.

China’s New Weapon in the US Trade War: The Export Control Law (2020-12-08)
(The Diplomat, By Shannon Tiezzi) China now has an answer to the United States’ Entity List. How will Beijing use its version?
Military Balance
Chinese Anti-Submarine Plane Enters Taiwan's ADIZ (2020-12-06)
(CNA, By Emerson Lim and Matt Yu) A Chinese military Y-8 anti-submarine plane entered Taiwan's southwest air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Sunday afternoon, the fifth day on which such incursions have occurred in December, according to the Ministry of National Defense (MND).

Chinese Drones Pose Serious Threat (2020-12-08)
(Taipei TImes, By Yao Chung-yuan) During a question-and-answer session at the Legislative Yuan in Taipei last week, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Legislator Ho Hsin-chun (何欣純) said that more than 70 percent of the 726 uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs) that government agencies use are made by Chinese companies, while the US and Japan have either prohibited or decommissioned China-made UAVs.

Taiwan F-16 Upgrade Remains on Schedule: Air Force (2020-12-06)
(CNA, By Wang Cheng-chung and Emerson Lim) The goal of upgrading 22 of Taiwan's more than 140 F-16 A/B jet fighters to F-16Vs in 2020 remains achievable, according to a recent report by Taiwan's Air Force.

U.S. Announces Sale of Military Communications System to Taiwan (2020-12-08)
(CNA, By Chiang Chin-yeh and Emerson Lim) The United States government announced on Monday that it has approved the sale to Taiwan of a Field Information Communications System (FICS) and related equipment at an estimated cost of US$280 million.

Taiwan President Launches New Domestically Made Patrol Ships (2020-12-11)
(Associated Press, By Johnson Lai) Taiwan’s president launched a new fleet of domestically made Coast Guard patrol vessels Friday, in a boost to the island’s plans to strengthen its defense capabilities as tensions rise with China. The new Anping (CG-601) vessel is the first of 12 locally designed and built 600-ton class catamaran patrol vessels that can also be used in a military capacity.
Regional Issues
U.S. Targets North Korea Coal Shipments with New Sanctions (2020-12-09)
(Reuters) The United States has blacklisted six companies, including several based in China, and four ships accused of illicit exports of North Korean coal, the Treasury Department said on Tuesday.

Chinese Defense Minister Visits Nepal Amid Signs of Thaw in India-Nepal Relations (2020-12-08)
(The Diplomat, By Sudha Ramachandran) A blockade of Nepal in 2015 that was unofficially supported by India has paved the way for greater ties between Beijing and Kathmandu.

The PLA’s Evolving Role in China’s South China Sea Strategy (2020-12-01)
(China Leadership Monitor, By Oriana Skylar Mastro) The greatest change in the PLA’s role in the South China Sea has not been operational. Instead, the most interesting development has been the fact that the PLA has taken on a more significant signaling role. Specifically, the Chinese military seems to be purposefully using, and perhaps even exaggerating, its capabilities and activities to enhance deterrence against the United States. In other words, the PLA has taken a more active role in China’s South China Sea strategy, but not necessarily a more aggressive one.

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