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Cross-Strait Relations
MAC Slams China's Reported Plan to Identify 'Independence Advocates' (2020-11-15)
(CNA, By Lai Yen-hsi and Chiang Yi-ching) Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) said Sunday that a reported effort by China to draft a list of "stubborn Taiwan independence advocates" was an attempt to "sow division" that has damaged cross-strait peace.
U.S.-Taiwan Relations
Deputy Economics Minister Heads for U.S. for Two-Way Dialogue (2020-11-16)
(CNA, By Flor Wang and Liang Pei-chi) Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs Chen Chern-chyi (陳正祺) and a small delegation left for the United States on Monday where they will attend an unprecedented economic dialogue in Washington on Nov. 20.

US, Taiwan Step Up Economic Cooperation in New Dialogue (2020-11-21)
(Associated Press, By Huizhong Wu) The U.S. and Taiwan are stepping up cooperation in a newly created economic dialogue, in another move from the outgoing Trump administration to increase official exchanges with the self-ruled island. The two sides signed a five-year agreement establishing the U.S.-Taiwan Economic Prosperity Partnership Dialogue, which is meant to be held annually.

U.S., Taiwan to Enter Talks on Tech Cooperation (2020-11-21)
(CNA, By Stacy Hsu, Chiang Chin-yeh, and Frances Huang) U.S. Under Secretary of State Keith Krach announced Friday that the United States and Taiwan will kick off talks on technology cooperation after both sides wrapped up an economic partnership dialogue that day, according to Taiwan's Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs Chen Chern-chyi (陳正祺), who led a delegation to the meeting.

President Tsai Calls Again for Taiwan-U.S. Trade Pact, Citing Growing Ties (2020-11-17)
(CNA, By Lee Hsin-Yin) President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) on Tuesday reiterated her call for Taiwan and the United States to sign a bilateral trade agreement (BTA), saying it would help solidify the restructuring of supply chains, among other areas of cooperation.

Taiwan, U.S. Hold Talks on Overseas Infrastructure Finance (2020-11-18)
(CNA, By Liang Pei-chi and Matthew Mazzetta) Taiwan and the United States held talks in Washington Tuesday on plans to jointly invest in overseas infrastructure, in the first of several meetings scheduled this week to discuss economic issues, according to the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA).

Taiwan Hopes for Close U.S. Cooperation in Call with Biden Adviser (2020-11-14)
(Reuters) Taiwan hopes to continue its close cooperation with the United States, the island’s de facto U.S. ambassador told Antony Blinken, a longtime confidant of President-elect Joe Biden, as Taiwan moves to shore up ties with the new administration.

‘Strategic Ambiguity’ Might Return Under Biden (2020-11-16)
(Taipei Times, By Chen Shih-min 陳世民) While there is no prospect of the US-China relationship returning to what it used to be, it is worth revisiting some of US president-elect Joe Biden’s stated views on the subject.

No Post-US Poll Policy Changes: MOFA (2020-11-17)
(Taipei Times, By Lee I-chia) The government is on the right track regarding Taiwan-US relations, and has no plans to alter policies because the US is facing a transfer of political power, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Tseng (曾厚仁) said yesterday at the Legislative Yuan in Taipei.

Taiwanese Wary of a President Biden (2020-11-18)
(Asia Times, by Gary Sands) While the leaders of several countries have called to congratulate the presumptive president-elect, the prospect of a Biden presidency has been met with some caution in Taiwan, where the Trump administration’s anti-China rhetoric and actions have been welcomed by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party and a majority of Taiwanese.

Taiwan Not Part of China, Pompeo Says (2020-11-14)
(Taipei Times, By Lin Chia-nan) The government yesterday welcomed a statement by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that “Taiwan has not been a part of China,” saying that the two sides of the Taiwan Strait should maintain the “status quo” based on equal dignity.

U.S. Warship Transits Through Taiwan Strait (2020-11-21)
(CNA, By Matt Yu and Ko Lin) The USS Barry, an Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer, sailed through the Taiwan Strait on Saturday, the 11th time this year that such passage has been carried out by an American warship.
Taiwan's Domestic Politics and Foreign Relations
Taiwan's Domestic Politics
Taiwanese Seen as Identifying With Taiwan, Poll Finds (2020-11-16)
(Taipei Times, By Rachel Lin and William Hetherington) A majority of respondents in a survey on civic and national consciousness said that Taiwanese generally demonstrate a sense of identification with Taiwan, the Professor Huang Kun-huei Education Foundation said yesterday.

Taiwan Refuses to Renew Pro-China News Channel’s License (2020-11-19)
(Associated Press, By Su Ssu-yun, Pan Tzu-yu, and Elizabeth Hsu) Taiwan’s government refused to renew the broadcast license of a leading pro-China cable news channel on Wednesday, prompting complaints of political interference. The National Communications Commission cited repeated violations of rules on accurate reporting in saying it had rejected CTiTV’s application to renew its license.

KMT Calls for Tsai to Comment on CTi News License Rejection (2020-11-19)
(CNA, By Liu Kuang-ting, Yu Hsiao-han, and Joseph Yeh) The chairman of the nation's main opposition party on Thursday called on President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) to make a public statement on the National Communications Commission (NCC) decision Wednesday not to renew the broadcast license of a cable news channel known for being critical of Tsai's government amid accusations the decision was an act of political retribution.

Taiwan's Foreign Relations
Taiwan Seeking to Join Rival Trade Bloc to Counter RCEP: Economics Minister (2020-11-15)
(CNA, By Liang Pei-chi and Evelyn Kao) Taiwan will continue its efforts to join a free trade agreement involving Japan and 10 other countries in the Asia Pacific region, to cushion the impact of a mammoth regional trade block that was formed Sunday by 15 Asia-Pacific nations, Minister of Economic Affairs Wang Mei-hua (王美花) said.

Taiwan's Ban on Japan's Fukushima Food Hindering CPTPP Bid: Minister (2020-11-19)
(CNA, By Liang Pei-chi, Yu Hsiang, and Joseph Yeh) Taiwan continues to engage in talks with Japan to push for its bid in joining a Tokyo-led major trade deal, but a nearly decade-long ban on Japanese food imports from areas affected by a 2011 nuclear disaster could hinder the effort, a senior Taiwanese trade negotiator told CNA on Thursday.

Taiwan-Australia Amity Association Inaugurated (2020-11-21)
(Taipei Times/CNA, By Jake Chung) The establishment of the Taiwan-Australia Inter-Parliamentary Amity Association would help stabilize the “alliance of democratic values” between Taiwan and Australia, Deputy Legislative Speaker Tsai Chi-chang (蔡其昌) said yesterday at the association’s inauguration.
U.S.-China Relations
A Conversation With House Armed Services Chairman Adam Smith (2020-11-19)
(Council on Foreign Relations) Adam Smith discusses his role as chairman of the House Armed Services Committee and the need for the United States to address growing competition with China.

What Will Biden’s Foreign Policy Team Look Like? (2020-11-19)
(Foreign Policy, By Robbie Gramer and Jack Detsch) While nothing is set in stone, here are some of the experts in the president-elect’s orbit that could take key posts in the administration.

Charting a Transatlantic Course to Address China (2020-10-20)
(Center for a New American Security, By Julianne Smith, Andrea Kendall-Taylor, Carisa Nietsche and Ellison Laskowski) U.S. officials should look to broaden some discussions on China to include other like-minded democracies, such as Taiwan, Japan, Australia, India, and Canada—countries with considerable experience managing the CCP and countering its tactics.

Biden’s China Policy? A Balancing Act for a Toxic Relationship (2020-11-16)
(New York Times, By Ana Swanson) Even if Mr. Biden departs from Mr. Trump’s punishing approach, his administration will be eager to maintain leverage over China to accomplish its own policy goals. And the new administration will face pressure from lawmakers in both parties who view China as a national security threat and have introduced legislation aimed at penalizing Beijing for its human rights abuses, global influence operations and economic practices.

How Should President-Elect Joe Biden Address the US-China Competition?
(The Diplomat, By Junyang Hu and Dingding Chen) The rivalry is here to stay, but there are 3 things the Biden administration can do to stabilize the critical relationship.

Trump Bans US Investment in Chinese Military-Linked Firms (2020-11-19)
(The Diplomat, By Joe McDonald) It is Trump’s first major action toward China since he lost his reelection bid to challenger Joe Biden.

Tibetan Political Leader Visits White House for First Time in Six Decades (2020-11-21)
(Reuters) The head of the Tibetan government in exile has visited the U.S. White House for the first time in six decades, a move that could further infuriate Beijing, which has accused the United States of trying to destabilise the region.
China's Domestic Politics and Foreign Relations
China's Foreign Relations 
Decrypting China’s Narratives to the World (2020-11-21)
(The Cipher Brief, By Dalton Lin) Text-analysis of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s major diplomatic documents reveals that China has constructed its narratives to the world around the concept of “development.” China’s narratives to the world aim to attract followers to its agenda by emphasizing the benign nature of its power while raising questions about the authority of the U.S.-led order. To compete with China effectively, Washington needs to be aware of and deal with such non-kinetic challenges.

China’s Big Brother Is Watching Your Democratic Process (2020-11-19)
(The Diplomat, By Weifeng Zhong) Elections have consequences, and so do electoral uncertainties.

China Broke HK Deal by Ousting Lawmakers: Five Eyes (2020-11-20)
(Taipei Times) The US, Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand have accused China of contravening its legally binding international commitments by ousting pro-democracy lawmakers from Hong Kong’s Legislative Council.

China's Domestic Politics
Hong Kong Court Rules that Police Complaints System Breaches Bill of Rights (2020-11-19)
(Reuters) Hong Kong’s High Court ruled on Thursday that the city government had failed to provide an independent mechanism to handle police complaints, breaching the Asian financial hub’s Bill of Rights on torture and cruel treatment.
Military Balance
Two Chinese Aircraft Enter Taiwan's ADIZ Sunday (2020-11-15)
(CNA, By Flor Wang and Chen Yun-yu) A Chinese Y-8 anti-submarine military aircraft and another Y-8 surveillance plane flew into Taiwan's southwestern air defense identification zone (ADIZ) Sunday, according to the Ministry of National Defense (MND).

Taiwan-Made UAV to Enter Production by 2024: Vice Defense Minister (2020-11-19)
(CNA, By Wang Cheng-chung and Ko Lin) A long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) developed by Taiwan will go into production by 2024, Vice Defense Minister Chang Che-ping (張哲平) said Thursday.

China Positions Rocket Ahead of Ambitious Lunar Mission (2020-11-19)
(The Diplomat, By Associated Press) The Chang’e 5 mission will bring back new materials from the moon for the first time since the 1970s.
Regional Issues
Asia’s Massive New Trade Deal Is No Big Victory for Beijing (2020-11-19)
(Wall Street Journal, By Mike Bird) A mammoth Asian trade deal covering about a third of global GDP was signed on Sunday, nearly a decade after it was first mooted. The deal is being presented as a win for the Chinese government—but its weaknesses leave Beijing far short of a leadership position on regional trade.

After RCEP’s Launch, the US Urgently Needs to Rejoin the TPP (2020-11-19)
(The Diplomat, By Ho-fung Hung) The geopolitical rationale was always there, but the creation of RCEP changes the narrative about the TPP and American jobs.

Australia, Japan to Bolster Defense Ties Amid China’s Rise (2020-11-17)
(Associated Press, By Mari Yamaguchi) The leaders of Australia and Japan held in-person talks on Tuesday and reached a basic agreement on a bilateral defense pact that would allow their troops to work more closely, as the two U.S. allies seek to bolster their ties to counter China’s growing assertiveness in the Asia-Pacific region.

A New Phase for the Free and Open Indo-Pacific (2020-11-19)
(The Diplomat, By Shin Kawashima) As the U.S. and its allies move forward, what will China do?

China to Build New Railway Link to Tibet as India Watches Apprehensively (2020-11-19)
(The Diplomat, By Sudha Ramachandran) The Ya’an-Nyingchi rail line will simultaneously bolster China’s control over Tibet as well as serve a military purpose.


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