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Cross-Strait Relations
Executive Yuan Finalizing HK Assistance Action Plan (2020-06-08)
(Taipei Times, By Chung Li-hua) The Executive Yuan is to publish a humanitarian assistance action plan for Hong Kongers after it receives approval at the weekly Cabinet meeting on Thursday, a source familiar with the matter said yesterday. <Accessed 2020-06-09> 

Taiwan Faces Increased "Grey Zone Conflict" Threat: Scholar (2020-06-08)
(CNA, By Emerson Lim) Taiwan faces increased threats from Beijing through the expanded deployment of "gray zone conflict" tactics, a Taiwanese security analyst has said. <Accessed 2020-06-09> 

Call for Laws Barring PRC Investment (2020-06-09)
(Taipei Times, By Hsieh Chun-lin and William Hetherington) Legislative amendments are needed to stop further Chinese capital making its way into Taiwan, the Economic Democracy Union said yesterday in a report. <Accessed 2020-06-14>

Groups Call for Changes to HK and Macau Law (2020-06-10)
(Taipei Times, By Sean Lin) A coalition of civic groups yesterday unveiled their proposals to amend the Act Governing Relations With Hong Kong and Macau (香港澳門關係條例) to flesh out rules for vetting Hong Kongers seeking asylum, as they marked the first anniversary of the start of a campaign against a now-retracted extradition bill in the territory. <Accessed 2020-06-10> 

Taiwan Repels Chinese Fighters After US Military Transport Flies Over Its Airspace (2020-06-11)
(The Diplomat, By Ankit Panda) Taiwanese fighters repelled the Chinese aircraft after verbal warnings. <Accessed 2020-06-11>

Taiwan Scrambles to Ready for Influx from Hong Kong Protests (2020-06-11)
(Reuters, By Yimou Lee and Jessie Pang) Taiwan is gearing up to welcome Hong Kong people fleeing their city as China tightens its grip, but the island has little experience of handling refugees and is scrambling to prepare and to keep out any Chinese spies who might try to join the influx. <Accessed 2020-06-14>

Groups Demand Action from Taiwan on Anniversary of Anti-China Protests (2020-06-13)
(CNA, By Wang Cheng-chung, Wen Kuei-hsiang, and Kay Liu) Groups rallying in Taipei to mark the one-year anniversary of the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong called on China to leave Hong Kong to Hong Kongers and urged Taiwan's government to take tangible action to support the territory. <Accessed 2020-06-14>

With Its Star Gone, Is It Time for the KMT to Rethink Ties with Beijing? (2020-06-13)
(South China Morning Post, By Kristin Huang) Observers said Han’s defeat reflected the gain in momentum in the pro-independence camp, forcing the KMT to rethink its traditional stand of closer ties with the mainland. At the same time, Beijing’s hard line on Taiwan might only serve to ramp up the tensions, they said. <Accessed 2020-06-15>
U.S.-Taiwan Relations
AmCham Taipei Urges Stronger Taiwan-U.S. Ties After Pandemic (2020-06-10)
(CNA, By Lee Hsin-Yin) Both Taiwan and the United States should seize the opportunities presented by the COVID-19 pandemic's revamping of the world economy to pursue a new strategic partnership, the American Chamber of Commerce (Amcham) in Taipei said in its annual Taiwan White Paper released Wednesday. <Accessed 2020-06-10> 

Is TSMC’s Arizona Project a US Tech Supply Chain Win? Or a Cautionary Tale? (2020-06-10)
(South China Morning Post, By Jodi Xu Klein) But the Trump administration’s objective – moving the tech supply chain from overseas and to the US – will be far from easy. <Accessed 2020-06-15>

Mike Pompeo’s Appearance with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen and Hong Kong Activist Joshua Wong Certain to Anger China (2020-06-11)
(South China Morning Post, By Stuart Lau) US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will address a forum on democracy next week that will also be attended by Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen and Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong Chi-fung – a combination that is certain to infuriate China. <Accessed 2020-06-15>

Look at Taiwan in Its Own Right (2020-06-11)
(The Diplomat, By Gerrit van der Wees) A recent article by Daniel Russel continues a long, flawed tradition of viewing Taiwan as a subset of U.S.-China relations. <Accessed 2020-06-11>

China Condemns 'Provocative' U.S. Military Flight over Taiwan (2020-06-11)
(Reuters) China on Thursday condemned the U.S. military for the “provocative” flight of one of its aircraft over Chinese-claimed Taiwan, saying the move infringed upon China’s sovereignty and contravened international law. <Accessed 2020-06-14>

Consensus Needed on US Ban: MOFA (2020-06-12)
(Taipei Times, By Lu Yi-hsuan and Dennis Xie) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) yesterday said it would respect an interministerial consensus on whether Taiwan should allow imports of US pork containing ractopamine and certain US beef products, after the American Chamber of Commerce in Taipei (AmCham) urged the two nations to handle their disagreements in a more practical way. <Accessed 2020-06-12> 

U.S. Senator Introduces New Taiwan Defense Bill (2020-06-12)
(CNA, By Chiang Chin-yeh and Elizabeth Hsu) U.S. Senator Josh Hawley has introduced a bill named the Taiwan Defense Act (TDA), which is aimed at ensuring that American armed forces can maintain their ability to fend off any invasion of Taiwan by China. <Accessed 2020-06-12> 
Taiwan's Domestic Politics and Foreign Relations
Taiwan's Domestic Politics

Han Remains 'Major Asset' to KMT Despite Recall: Party Members (2020-06-07)
(CNA, By Liu Kuang-ting, Hau Hsueh-chin, and Joseph Yeh) Some members of the opposition Kuomintang (KMT) said Sunday that Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜) was still an asset to the party, and it would suffer a huge loss if he decided to withdraw from politics in the wake of his recall the previous day. <Accessed 2020-06-14>

President Tsai Ing-wen Post-Re-Election: A Six-Month Report Card
(Taiwan Insight, By John F. Copper) Nearing the half-year point in her second term as president it is fitting to ask: how is President Tsai faring? <Accessed 2020-06-08>

DPP Favors Vice Premier to Run for Kaohsiung Mayor (2020-06-08)
(Taipei Times/CNA) Numerous Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) lawmakers have said they favor Vice Premier Chen Chi-mai (陳其邁) as the party’s candidate for the Kaohsiung mayoral by-election, after Mayor Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜) of the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) was recalled in a vote on Saturday. <Accessed 2020-06-09>

Lawmakers Propose Competing Resign-to-Run Rules (2020-06-08)
(Taipei Times, By Hsieh Chun-lin) The New Power Party’s (NPP) legislative caucus and Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Lai Jui-lung (賴瑞隆) have each proposed amending election laws to ban elected officials from simultaneously running as a candidate for another election. <Accessed 2020-06-09> 

Taiwan to Conduct Annual War Games in July and September (2020-06-09)
(CNA, By Emerson Lim) Taiwan's annual Han Kuang exercises (漢光演習) will be conducted in July and September and will test the country's asymmetric capabilities to ward off hostile forces at sea and along its beaches, the Ministry of National Defense said Tuesday. <Accessed 2020-06-14>

Han Accepts Recall Decision, Won't Challenge Result (2020-06-09)
(CNA, By Ku Chuan and Joseph Yeh) Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜) said on Tuesday he fully respects the outcome of the recall vote by Kaohsiung voters Saturday and will not file a legal suit to challenge the result that saw him become the first municipality leader in the nation's history to be recalled. <Accessed 2020-06-14>

TPP Calls for Independent Mayor for Kaohsiung (2020-06-12)
(Taipei Times, By Chen Yun, Wu Su-wei and Jake Chung) The Taiwan People’s Party (TPP) yesterday called for an interparty collaboration to nominate an independent candidate for the Kaohsiung mayoral by-election, to recreate the largely apolitical victory of Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je (柯文哲) in 2014. <Accessed 2020-06-12>

Civil Servant Appointed Acting Kaohsiung Mayor as Han Leaves Office (2020-06-12)
(CNA, By Matthew Mazzetta) The Executive Yuan on Friday appointed Kaohsiung City Government counselor Yang Ming-chou (楊明州) as the city's acting mayor, after the Central Election Commission (CEC) certified the results of a June 6 recall vote to remove Mayor Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜) from office. <Accessed 2020-06-12>

Taiwan's Foreign Relations

Tsai Congratulates St. Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister Harris on Reelection (2020-06-07)
(CNA, By Emerson Lim) President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) has sent a formal congratulatory letter to St. Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister Timothy Harris, who led his coalition Team Unity to a second consecutive victory, in the country's general election on June 5, winning nine of the 11 seats, according to Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). <Accessed 2020-06-14>

Czech Senate Speaker Plans to Visit Taiwan, Angering China (2020-06-10)
(AP News) The speaker of the Czech Republic’s Senate announced Tuesday he will visit Taiwan despite warnings from China and a recommendation from his own government that he not take the trip. <Accessed 2020-06-10> 

Japan PM Abe: 'Very Regrettable' that Taiwan was not Observer at WHO Assembly (2020-06-11)
(Reuters, By Yoshifumi Takemoto and Kaori Kanekol) Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Thursday that it was “very regrettable” that Taiwan was not accepted to take part as an observer at the World Health Organization assembly last month. <Accessed 2020-06-14>

President Tsai Appoints New EU, U.K. Envoys (2020-06-11)
(CNA, By Su Long-chi and Emerson Lim) President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) ordered a minor reshuffle of national security and foreign service officials Thursday, including envoys to the European Union and United Kingdom, the Presidential Office announced that day. <Accessed 2020-06-14>
U.S.-China Relations
Post-Pandemic Global (Dis)order (2020-05-22)
(United Daily News, By Su Chi) Looking to the future, the short-term outlook for the world depends on two factors. The first is, of course, when there will be a breakthrough in finding treatment for COVID-19 and which country will be the first to achieve that breakthrough. Second, will the international community, especially the great powers such as the U.S. and China, temporarily set aside their differences and move toward cooperation. No one knows the answer to the first question, and few are hopeful regarding the second. <Accessed 2020-06-14>

A U.S. Secret Weapon in A.I.: Chinese Talent (2020-06-09)
(New York Times, By Paul Mozur and Cade Metz) New research shows scientists educated in China help American firms and schools dominate the cutting-edge field. Now industry leaders worry that worsening political tensions will blunt that edge. <Accessed 2020-06-15>

Lawmakers Push to Invest Billions in Semiconductor Industry to Counter China (2020-06-11)
(New York Times, By Ana Swanson and Don Clark) New legislation aimed at supporting the semiconductor industry is a sign of shifting consensus in Washington, where industrial plans are now in vogue <Accessed 2020-06-15>

For the US and China, Thucydides’ Trap Is Closing
(The Diplomat, By Kevin Brown) Intertwined domestic crises are adding pressure for Donald Trump and Xi Jinping to seek out confrontation. <Accessed 2020-06-11>

Why a US-China Détente Is Coming in 2021: The Failure of Trump’s Policy (2020-06-11)
(The Diplomat, By Dingding Chen) Trump’s policy of suppressing China has not been effective, and the structural contradictions between China and the United States have not yet reached a true tipping point. <Accessed 2020-06-11>

Zoom Blocks Activist in U.S. After China Objects to Tiananmen Vigil (2020-06-11)
(New York Times, By Paul Mozur) Though the account was restored, the incident spotlights thorny questions for a company with operations in both countries. It vowed to censor accounts only within China. <Accessed 2020-06-15>

Why China Did Not Retaliate after Latest US Move to Target Huawei (2020-06-13)
(South China Morning Post, By Wendy Wu) Beijing’s caution was motivated by faltering economic growth and a desire to stabilise foreign investment at a time when growing numbers of foreign companies were looking to reduce their dependence on Chinese supplies following the Covid-19 pandemic and increasing pressure from the White House. <Accessed 2020-06-15>
China's Domestic Politics and Foreign Relations
Mainland China

How Has the Coronavirus Crisis Affected Xi’s Power: A Preliminary Assessment (2020-06-01)
(China Leadership Monitor, By Minxin Pei) While sustaining real, albeit limited, damage to his authority for now, Xi is likely to experience greater difficulties in confronting the medium-to-long–term economic and geopolitical consequences of the pandemic. <Accessed 2020-06-15>

Chinese Crisis Decision Making -- Managing the COVID-19 Pandemic Part One: The Domestic Component  (2020-06-01)
(China Leadership Monitor, By Michael D. Swaine) Given such complexities and varied factors, it is virtually inevitable that mistakes will be made in the management of such a crisis, and in the case of COVID-19 the Chinese regime made several key mistakes, while it also achieved certain notable successes, as shown below. <Accessed 2020-06-15>

After COVID-19, Can China Still Become ‘Moderately Prosperous’? (2020-06-11)
(The Diplomat, By Montijn Huisman) Reaching “xiaokang shehui” status is a crucial goal for the CCP. Is it still achievable? <Accessed 2020-06-11>

China’s Steps Backward Began Under Hu Jintao (2020-06-12)
(Foreign Policy, By Dan Blumenthal) Beijing’s new aggression and ideological reaction started well before Xi Jinping. <Accessed 2020-06-12>

Beijing Shuts Down Seafood Market After Dozens Test Positive for Coronavirus (2020-06-13)
(New York Times, By Vivian Wang and Elaine Yu) Nearly all of the 53 people had worked or shopped at the market, which is said to supply 90 percent of the Chinese capital’s fruit and vegetables. <Accessed 2020-06-15>

Hong Kong and Macau

Hundreds March in Hong Kong as Leader Urges Stability (2020-06-09)
(Associated Press, By Zen Soo) Hundreds of people marched in Hong Kong’s streets on Tuesday night to mark a year since the start of anti-government protests, as the leader of the semi-autonomous Chinese city called for peace and stability. <Accessed 2020-06-14>

Hong Kong and Britain’s China Reset
(The Diplomat, By Duncan Bartlett) Beijing’s plan to clamp down on Hong Kong has angered politicians of all persuasions in Britain. Meanwhile, China is threatening revenge for U.K. “interference.” <Accessed 2020-06-11>

Joint Declaration ‘Not Relevant’ to National Security Law for Hong Kong, Says Beijing (2020-06-11)
(South China Morning Post, By Matt Ho) China’s foreign ministry issued a “fact sheet” on Wednesday defending Beijing’s decision to impose a national security law on Hong Kong, following worldwide concern that the proposed legislation would undermine the city’s freedoms and autonomy, and destabilise the business environment. <Accessed 2020-06-15>

China's Foreign Relations

The Chinese Reassessment of Interdependence (2020-06-01)
(China Leadership Monitor, By Julian Gewirtz) This essay analyzes trends in Chinese views of U.S.-China interdependence from Xi Jinping’s rise to the COVID-19 pandemic. <Accessed 2020-06-15>

China Defends Its Coronavirus Response in New Report
(Associated Press, By Ken Moritsugu) Senior Chinese officials released a lengthy report Sunday on the nation’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, defending their government’s actions and saying that China had provided information in a timely and transparent manner. <Accessed 2020-06-14>

PacNet #33 – China’s Inopportune Pandemic Assertiveness (2020-06-09)
(Pacific Forum, By Joel Wuthnow) However, China’s actions also constitute a strategic blunder, sacrificing the propaganda value of its contributions to regional pandemic responses and weakening its long-running attempts to dilute US influence. <Accessed 2020-06-15>

Can China Be Compelled Into Arms Control? (2020-06-11)
(The Diplomat, By Robert Farley) There is little reason to believe that Chinese leaders will see incentives to enter arms control arrangements anytime soon. <Accessed 2020-06-11>

Xi Jinping’s Japan Visit ‘Unlikely to Go Ahead’ after Mood Turns Sour towards China (2020-06-13)
(South China Morning Post, By Catherine Wong) Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s recent shift on Hong Kong and growing public negativity towards China mean it is unlikely that Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Tokyo will go ahead as planned this year, according to a diplomatic source. <Accessed 2020-06-15>
Territorial Disputes, the Korean Peninsula, and Other Regional Issues
Territorial Disputes

Philippines’ Move to Keep US Military Pact Reveals Shift in South China Sea Calculations (2020-06-06)
(South China Morning Post, By Maria Siow) Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s decision last week to retain, for now, a long-standing military pact with the United States reflects Manila’s shifting geopolitical calculations as Beijing’s assertiveness in the disputed South China Sea fuels anxieties in the region, analysts say. <Accessed 2020-06-15>

China Mobilises Thousands of Troops, Armoured Vehicles Near Border with India
(South China Morning Post, By Kinling Lo) China has mobilised thousands of paratroopers, armoured vehicles and equipment in a military drill, saying they could be deployed “within hours” to the border with India in the Himalayas, where tensions have again flared. <Accessed 2020-06-15>

Philippine Defense Chief Flies to Disputed Island Amid Feud
(Associated Press, By Jim Gomez) The Philippine defense chief and top military officials flew to a disputed island in the South China Sea on Tuesday to inaugurate a beach ramp built to allow the “full-blast” development of the territory in a move likely to infuriate China. <Accessed 2020-06-14>

Taiwanese Council Wades into Territorial Row with Japan over Island Chain (2020-06-11)
(South China Morning Post, By Lawrence Chung) The council in the northeastern Taiwanese county of Yilan unanimously approved a symbolic decision to change their designation from the Diaoyu Islands to the Toucheng Diaoyutai Islands ahead of a similar vote by Japan’s Ishigaki city. <Accessed 2020-06-15>

South China Sea: US Joins the Battle of Diplomatic Notes
(The Diplomat, By Nguyen Hong Thao) Washington’s letter on the South China Sea to the UN secretary general supports the position expressed by Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia. <Accessed 2020-06-11>

Chiang Extends Diaoyutai Islands Invitation to Tsai (2020-06-13)
(Taipei Times, By Chen Yun and Jake Chung) Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Chairman Johnny Chiang (江啟臣) yesterday extended an invitation to President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) to jointly visit the Diaoyutai Islands (釣魚台) to protest Japan’s unilateral action to rename the islands. <Accessed 2020-06-14>

The Korean Peninsula

North Korea Cuts off Inter-Korean Communication Lines: What Now? (2020-06-11)
(The Diplomat, By Ankit Panda) Does Tuesday’s step mark the final end of the rapprochement that began between the two Koreas in 2018? <Accessed 2020-06-11>

North Korea Vows to Boost Nuclear Program, Saying U.S. Diplomacy Failed (2020-06-11)
(New York Times, By Choe Sang-Hun) In a statement marking the second anniversary of a historic summit meeting between Kim Jong-un and President Trump, the North said its hopes had faded into a “nightmare.” <Accessed 2020-06-15>

Other Regional Issues

China’s Indian Ocean Ambitions: Investment, Influence, and Military Advantage (2020-06-00)
(Brookings, By Joshua T. White) Although China’s ultimate aims in the Indian Ocean remain somewhat ambiguous, it is clear that the Chinese leadership is actively pursuing capabilities that would allow it to undertake a range of military missions in the region. <Accessed 2020-06-15>

The Limits of Authoritarian Compatibility: Xi’s China and Putin’s Russia (2020-06-00)
(Brookings, By Pavel K. Baev) Many parochial features determine profound differences in China’s and Russia’s strategic agendas, and the heavy impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has aggravated hidden tensions and accentuated mutual mistrust. <Accessed 2020-06-15>

Remaking the Global System after COVID-19
(East Asia Forum, By Peter Gourevitch and Deborah Seligsohn) The pandemic has brought attention to the acute problems associated with supplying large quantities of medicine and equipment under crisis conditions. <Accessed 2020-06-15>

Securing Supply Chains and Global Production after COVID-19 (2020-06-08)
(East Asia Forum, By the Editorial Board) Economies and societies should not return to business as usual as they begin to recover from the health and economic crises from the COVID-19 pandemic, but they also should not throw away what works and retreat from prosperity to instability and insecurity. <Accessed 2020-06-15>

Why the Compacts of Free Association Matter to Washington (2020-06-11)
(The Diplomat, By Grant Wyeth) With its eyes on China, the United States seeks to reaffirm its presence in the western Pacific. <Accessed 2020-06-11>

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