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Diaoyutai Disputes Resurface
Tensions Flare between China and Japan Over Islands and Shrine (2013-04-24)
(New York Times) Tensions between Japan and its Asian neighbors rose when a large group of Japanese lawmakers paid a symbolically charged visit to a Tokyo war shrine, while Chinese paramilitary ships and a flotilla of boats carrying Japanese nationalists appeared to converge on disputed islands. 

Taipei-Tokyo Fishery Pact a Good Start for Further Progress: Ma (2013-04-23)
(China Post) President Ma Ying-jeou said yesterday that the outcome of the fishery negotiations between Taiwan and Japan have so far been positively received by all parties involved. 
South China Sea Disputes
Live-Fire Drill Held on Itu Aba Island by Coast Guard (2013-04-23)
(Taipei Times) Coast Guard Administration personnel stationed on Itu Aba Island in the South China Sea conducted a live-fire drill earlier this month.

ASEAN Makes Progress on Trade, but Not on Sea Disputes Involving China (2013-04-26)
(AP) ASEAN leaders were upbeat about progress made on an ambitious plan to weld the region into an EU-style economic community as a counterweight to Asian powerhouse China, while efforts were stalling on South China Sea disputes. 
U.S. Policy and Sino-U.S. Engagement
U.S. and China Put Focus on Cybersecurity (2013-04-23)
(New York Times) The United States and China held their highest-level military talks in nearly two years, with a senior Chinese general pledging to work with the United States on cybersecurity because the consequences of a major cyberattack “may be as serious as a nuclear bomb.” 

U.S. General Sees Hope for China Help on Korea (2013-04-25)
(New York Times) General Dempsey met with the Chinese leadership, including President Xi Jinping and Gen. Fan Changlong, the vice chairman of the Central Military Commission. They were the most senior-level talks between the American and Chinese militaries in nearly two years.
Cross-Strait Issues
Cross-Strait Ties Improving, but Time Not Ripe for Political Talks: President (2013-04-22)
(AFP) President Ma Ying-jeou said the time was “not ripe” for political negotiations with China, despite fast-improving economic ties.

'No Market for Independence' Speech Draws DPP Backlash  (2013-04-25)
(China Post) Former Tsai Ing-wen staff member Yao Ren-duo asked the public not to associate an anti-Taiwan independence speech he gave with Tsai or the Democratic Progressive Party.

US Has 'Never Interfered in Taiwan-China Talks' (2013-04-25)
(Taipei Times, By William Lowther) American Institute in Taiwan Chairman Ray Burghardt said that the US had never interfered in direct Taiwan-China negotiations and would never do so. 

Taiwan Congratulates New Chinese Negotiator (2013-04-27)
(CNA) Taiwan's SEF sent a message to Chen Deming, the newly elected head of the SEF's Chinese counterpart — the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits — to congratulate him on assuming office. 

Chinese Threats Impede Unification: US Expert (2013-04-28)
(Taipei Times) In a new analysis of polling data from Taiwan, Duke University political science professor Emerson Niou has concluded that while China’s threat deters independence, it also decreases the chances of unification.
PLA, Military Balance and Arms Sales
China to Build Second, Larger Carrier: Report (2013-04-23)
(Reuters) China will build a second, larger aircraft carrier capable of carrying more fighter jets, the official Xinhua news service reported.

Nation to Deploy 3 More PAC-3 Anti-missile Batteries (2013-04-26)
(CNA) Three U.S.-made Patriot anti-missile air defense batteries will be deployed in Southern Taiwan, in addition to the one already in Northern Taiwan, Deputy Defense Minister Andrew Yang said.

China's Hackers Shifting Focus: Report (2013-04-28)
(Taipei Times) China’s cyberarmy now numbers more than 100,000, has a budget of more than US$2.71 million and targets telecoms and think tanks, the NSB said.

Obama Administration Considering Sale of F-16C/Ds to Taiwan: Congressman (2013-04-27)
(China Post) The Obama Administration is considering whether to approve the sale of advanced F-16C/D fighter jets to Taiwan in a move to beef up its self-defense capability, a U.S. congressman said in Washington.
Taiwan's Domestic Issues and Foreign Relations
Taiwan Mood Barometer Survey, First Half of April 2013 (2013-04-11)
(TISR) According to the latest poll (in Chinese), President Ma Ying-jeou's approval rating was 14.7%, a drop of 6 percentage points from the previous survey. Meanwhile, Premier Jiang Yi-hua's approval rating stood at 19.1%.

US House Subcommittee Unanimously Passes Taiwan Policy Act, Ma Warned  (2013-04-27)
(Taipei Times, By William Lowther) The Taiwan Policy Act, aimed at strengthening and clarifying relations between the US and Taiwan, was unanimously passed by the US House of Representatives Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific. 

Reviewing Ma Ying-Jeou's Strategy for National Security in Taiwan
(Brookings, By Richard C. Bush III) Taiwan’s president Ma Ying-jeou spoke by video-link to a group of distinguished scholars at Stanford University. Although nothing Mr. Ma said was particularly surprising, his remarks did have three important features.
China's Rise and Its Domestic Issues
Australia to Buy China Bonds (2013-04-24)
(Wall Street Journal) Australia has taken another step closer to its biggest trading partner with a deal allowing the nation's central bank, for the first time, to invest in China's sovereign bonds. 

Regional Issues
Japan Leader Charts Path for Military's Rise (2013-04-24)
(Wall Street Journal, By Yuka Hayashi) Mr. Abe has in recent days talked more openly about returning to his life's goal of rewriting Japan's 66-year-old pacifist constitution. 

Japan to Strengthen Maritime Security (2013-04-26)
(Wall Street Journal) Japan unveiled steps to boost security around its remote islands, including stronger cooperation between its thinly stretched coast guard and navy, amid a continuing territorial dispute with China.

Japanese Prime Minister Stokes Wartime Passions (2013-04-26)
(Wall Street Journal, By Toko Sekiguchi) Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stepped up his campaign to revisit Japan's wartime history, responding to criticism from Asian neighbors with a new round of comments that have further aggravated tensions with South Korea and China. 

Dishonest Abe? (2013-04-26)
(Wall Street Journal, By Joseph Sternberg) Now more than ever, with China growing more assertive in the region and Pyongyang becoming stroppier, Washington would benefit from a strong Japan enjoying good relations with its democratic neighbors. Mr. Abe's faulty history could become a serious risk today if he's not careful. 

Disturbing Disconnects in the US-Japan Alliance (2013-04-18)
(PacNet #26, Pacific Forum, CSIS, By Brad Glosserman)The US-Japan alliance remains popular in both countries, but a convergence of strategic and security concerns belies an undercurrent of emotion and uncertainty in Japan that must be acknowledged and addressed. 

China-India Border Tensions Rise (2013-04-26)
(Wall Street Journal, By Romit Guha and Brian Spegele) Tensions are mounting between India and China over their disputed Himalayan border and shared water resources ahead of a visit to New Delhi next month by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.

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