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Diaoyutai Disputes Resurface
Taiwan-Japan Fishing Authority Scheduled to Meet in Late April (2013-04-15)
(CNA) The first meeting of a fishing commission jointly set up by Taiwan and Japan will be held in late April to discuss follow-up issues after the sides signed a historic deal on fishing rights, a Taiwanese official said.

Fishing in Troubled Waters (2013-04-16)
(China Real Time Report, By William Kazar and Jenny Hsu) China may have felt it had bigger fish to fry last week when it gave a low-key response to a maritime deal between Japan and Taiwan on access to waters near disputed islands in the East China Sea.

Scholar Praises Bilateral Talks That Gave Way to Taiwan's Fishery Pact (2013-04-18)
(CNA) A Japanese scholar and retired senior diplomat praised a fishing agreement recently signed between Taiwan and Japan as a good example of what dialogue can produce.

Ma Gives Speech at Stanford via Videoconference (2013-04-17)
(China Post) President Ma Ying-jeou conducted a videoconference with Stanford University, hosted by former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Japan Sharply Increased Scrambling Jets against Chinese Planes
(Wall Street Journal, By Yuka Hayashi) Japan's air force scrambled fighter jets against Chinese aircraft a record number of times in the year ended in March, the Self-Defense Forces announced.

China Asks to Postpone Japan, Korea Summit (2013-04-18)
(Wall Street Journal) An annual summit meeting of leaders from China, Japan and South Korea scheduled for May in Seoul will likely be postponed at China's request, a South Korean government official said. 
Cross-Strait Issues
Su Warns of Growing Chinese Influence (2013-04-15)
(Taipei Times) he DPP chairman said that China’s economic and cultural power is being used to absorb Taiwan, saying it had used the same strategy in Hong Kong. 

Consensus Needed on Cross-Strait Offices: Tsai (2013-04-16)
(Taipei Times) The government’s proposed establishment of representative offices on both sides of the Taiwan Strait is highly political and definitely concerns sovereignty, so the government should not proceed with it before a national consensus is reached, former DPP chairperson Tsai Ing-wen said. 

DPP Must Change China Policy: Hsieh (2013-04-16)
(Taipei Times) The DPP should adjust its China policy and ensure that it is accepted by a majority of Taiwanese, as well as by Washington and Beijing if it is serious about getting back in power, former premier Frank Hsieh said.

Hsieh Promotes Constitution Idea to US Academics (2013-04-19)
(Taipei Times) Former premier Frank Hsieh told US academics that his “constitutions with different interpretations” initiative for achieving a consensus across the Taiwan Strait is better than the so-called “1992 consensus.”  

US Panel Praises Ma; Warns about China (2013-04-18)
(Taipei Times, By William Lowther) A panel of top US experts on Taiwan has praised President Ma Ying-jeou’s cross-strait policies, but warned that contingency plans were needed in case China should suddenly turn aggressive.

SEF, ARATS Finish First Round of Negotiations on Office Exchange (2013-04-19)
(CNA) SEF and ARATS already completed their first round of negotiations on issues concerning exchange of offices, including the services and functions to be offered by the offices, a top mainland affairs official confirmed. 

PLA and Military Balance
China Suggests That U.S. Moves in Asia-Pacific Region Are Stirring Tensions (2013-04-17)
(New York Times, By Jane Perlez and Chris Buckley) China published a national defense paper on Tuesday suggesting that the United States was creating tensions in the Asia-Pacific region by strengthening its military presence and reinforcing its alliances there.

Is China Changing Its Position on Nuclear Weapons? (2013-04-19)
(New York Times, By James A. Acton) This year's Chinese white paper on defense demands our attention, because it omits a promise that China will never use nuclear weapons first.

China's Victim Complex (2013-04-19)
(Foreign Policy, By Ely Ratner) China's 2013 white paper shows that Beijing deeply concerned about the "pivot" to Asia by U.S. President Barack Obama's administration. 

Ma Urges Military to Guard against Cyberattacks Originating from Beijing (2013-04-18)
(CNA) President Ma Ying-jeou, in outlying Penghu County to watch a live-fire drill, urged the military to guard against Chinese cyberattacks targeting Taiwan. 

Taiwan's Foreign Relations
Taipei and Manila Sign Pact on Legal Assistance (2013-04-20)
(Taipei Times) Taiwan and the Philippines inked a legal assistance pact after nearly two years of coordination and consultations. 
China's Rise and Its Domestic Issues
Bold Remembrances for a Chinese Reformer (2013-04-15)
(China Real Time Report) It was significant that Liberation Daily, Shanghai’s main Party newspaper, ran two lengthy essays on Monday, each extolling Hu Yaobang as a reformer, while another essay originally published on the website of the Party-controlled China Youth Daily revisited political errors in the coverage of his death. 

The Rise of China's Reformers? (2013-04-17)
(Foreign Affairs, By Evan A. Feigenbaum and Damien Ma) Bold reform in China is achievable when three conditions are present: a crisis of political credibility at home, vulnerability to an economic or financial crisis abroad, and a leadership savvy enough to recognize the need for change. 

China Vows Wider Yuan Movement (2013-04-17)
(Wall Street Journal, By Natasha Brereton-Fukui) China's central bank plans to widen the yuan's trading band in the near future, People's Bank of China Vice Governor Yi Gang said, suggesting that China's leaders will press ahead with change despite the surprise slowing of the economy.  

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