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U.S. Pivot to Asia and Sino-U.S. Engagement
War Games with China on Radar (2012-12-27)
(The Australian) Australia and China are planning joint military exercises - also likely to include the US - as part of a push to improve security and stability in the Pacific as Beijing's power grows.

Disputed Asian Islands Once Had a Strategic Role
(AP, By Peter Enav) “I think we have come to a point where maintaining cordial ties with China trumps lesser concerns for many officials in Washington,” said James Holmes of the US Naval War college. “No US government agency sees a pressing stake in Taiwan anymore.” 

Congress and the New Pacific Strategy—Setting Policy by Acquisition (2012-12-27)
(PacNet #88, Pacific Forum, CSIS, By Colleen Hanabusa) The US military alignment must take into account emerging relations with new partners throughout the Pacific, as well as reinforce and strengthen long-standing alliances with Australia, Japan, the Philippines, the ROK, and Thailand. 
South China Sea Disputes
China to Invest US$1.6bn in Islands (2012-12-26)
(Taipei Times) In a move that risks increasing regional tensions, China announced it will invest more than 10 billion yuan (US$1.6 billion) to build infrastructure on disputed islands in the South China Sea and to strengthen marine law enforcement in the region.

Gov’t to Explore Oil, Gas in South China Sea Next Year: MOEA (2012-12-28)
(China Post) The government will be dispatching vessels to explore oil and natural gas resources in the waters around Taiping Island in the South China Sea next year, economic officials said.
Diaoyutai Disputes Resurface
China “Highly Vigilant” Over Japanese Fighters Flying Over Disputed Islands (2012-12-27)
(Reuters) China is “highly vigilant” about Japanese jet fighter flights over islands claimed by both countries and Japan must bear responsibility for any consequences, Chinese military and maritime officials said.

Japan Attitude Raises Conflict Fears, Kevin Rudd Tells China (2012-12-31)
(The Australian) Kevin Rudd has told hundreds of Chinese military officers in Beijing that he is deeply concerned about hardening Japanese attitudes towards China over Beijing’s territorial claims in the East China Sea and he warned of the risks to peace in the region. 
DPP Searches for New China Stance; Cross-Strait Issues
Nondenial of Jurisdiction Is Key to Peace: President (2012-12-27)
(China Post) President Ma Ying-jeou reiterated that the relationship between Taiwan and mainland China is of a special nature, adding that the administration will continue to push for better cross-strait ties in accordance with the Constitution.

DPP Blasts Ma’s ‘Non-State’ Comment (2012-12-29)
(Taipei Times) The pan-green camp accused President Ma Ying-jeou of undermining the nation’s sovereignty by describing cross-strait ties as “non-state-to-state” relations and staying silent on China’s controversial new passports.

With Focus on Unity, China Embraces its Pre-Communist Past (2012-12-28)
(New York Times, By Edward Wong) The Whampoa academy represents an era when the Communists and Kuomintang cooperated for a greater good, and recent exhibitions organized there by a museum portray the Kuomintang in a relatively conciliatory light.

Hsieh’s Cross-Strait Forum Still in ‘Primitive Stages’ (2012-12-27)
(Taipei Times) Former premier Frank Hsieh’s office said that Hsieh’s plan to organize a cross-strait forum next year was still in the “primitive stages.”

Mutual Trust Needed with China
(Taipei Times, By Tung Chen-Yuan) The deputy director of China’s TAO, Sun Yafu, said during the closing ceremony of a forum in Taipei, that discussions on cross-strait political relations should not be based upon any particular premise and the DPP should be invited to take part.

‘Only Taiwan’ Holds Any Reins on China (2012-12-27)
(Washington Times, By ShaunWaterman) A small island in the shadow of a giant neighbor that claims its territory, Taiwan nonetheless holds a key to shaping China’s meteoric rise, Taiwanese officials say. 
PLA and Military Balance
China’s New Missile Vessel Ready for Debut: Report (2012-12-25)
(CNA) The appearance of a picture of China's second 052D guided missile destroyer on the Internet recently has aroused speculation in China that the country's most advanced version of the warship is ready for the sea. 

China’s Beidou GPS-Substitute Opens to Public in Asia (2012-12-27)
(BBC) China has opened up its domestic sta-nav network to commercial use across the Asia-Pacific region, offering an alternative to the US’s GPS. 
Taiwan's Domestic Issues and Foreign Relations
Poll Gives Cabinet Officials Thumbs Down (2012-12-26)
 (Taipei Times) On a scale of 1 to 100, respondents gave President Ma Ying-jeou and his administration a year-end score of 46.6 points, according to a survey conducted by the Taiwan Indicators Research Survey.

Pro-China Stance Risks Japan Ties: Koh
(Taipei Times) Shinzo Abe could turn out to be Taiwan’s biggest enemy if Taipei chooses to maintain the pro-China stance it has adopted under President Ma Ying-jeou’s administration, former representative to Japan Koh Se-kai said. 

S Korea and Japan Ties to Improve Post Elections: Report (2012-12-24)
(Taipei Times) Taiwan's relations with both Japan and South Korea are likely to “steadily improve” following national elections in the two Northeast Asian countries, according to a report submitted to the Legislature by the National Security Bureau. 

Honduras’ Dual Taiwan, China Recognition Unacceptable: MOFA (2012-12-26)
(China Post) The foreign minister stressed that the Taiwan government would not accept Honduras' double recognition of China and Taiwan amid reports that the Central American ally would soon open a trade office in Beijing, a move that could signify the first step toward establishing formal ties with the mainland.

Honduras Likely to Recognize PRC (2012-12-30)
(Taipei Times) A statement from Taiwan’s Central American ally suggested it would switch recognition, after MOFA said dual recognition was unacceptable.

US Welcomed Appointment of Ma’s ‘Confidant’: King (2012-12-28)
(Taipei Times) Characterizing himself as a representative of Taiwan who facilitated “communication without noise,” Representative to Washington King Pu-tsung said in an interview that the US had “very much welcomed” his appointment.

China's Rise and Its Domestic Issues
China Toughens Its Restrictions on Use of the Internet (2012-12-29)
(New York Times, By Keith Bradsher) The Chinese government issued new rules requiring Internet users to provide their real names to service providers, while assigning Internet companies greater responsibility for deleting forbidden postings and reporting them to the authorities.

China’s New Leaders Discuss Fight against Corruption, but Some Are Skeptical of Action (2012-12-29)
(Washington Post, William Wan) Experts remain doubtful that the flood of publicity will result in fundamental, long-lasting changes to China’s culture of corruption.

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