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China's Leadership Succession
The Collapse of the CCP Inevitable (2012-12-18)
(Project Syndicate, By Minxin Pei) The installation of a new leadership may matter little if the end of CCP rule is both foreseeable and highly probable.  
U.S. Pivot to Asia and Sino-U.S. Engagement
Sydney Hosts Rare Chinese Naval Visit (2012-12-18)
(Wall Street Journal, By Caroline Henshaw) A trio of Chinese warships made a rare visit to Australia, capping a year that has seen the country balance closer military ties with both the U.S. and China.

Tensions between Japan and South Korea Complicate Picture for U.S. (2012-12-21)
(New York Times, By Martin Fackler) The question is whether the United States can effectively deal with China’s rise if its two closest Asian allies, Japan and South Korea, find it so hard to work with each other. 

China’s Bad Diplomacy (2012-12-17)
(National Interest, By James Clad and Robert A. Manning) A better path still lies open: China can reach an understanding with the United States about each country's respective Asian footprint and then join in stewardship of a rules-based maritime system.

U.S. Envoy Optimistic about Ties with China (2012-12-18)
(New York Times) Gary F. Locke, the United States ambassador to China for the past 16 months, spoke optimistically about the deepening relationship between the United States and China.  
South China Sea Disputes
In China’s Shadow, ASEAN Leaders Look to India for Maritime Security (2012-12-20)
(Reuters, By Ross Colvin) Southeast Asian nations and India vowed to step up cooperation on maritime security, a move that comes amid tension with China in the potentially oil- and gas-rich South China Sea.  
Diaoyutai Disputes Resurface and Japan Policy
Japan Won’t Compromise on Islands: New PM (2012-12-18)
(AFP) Japan's premier-in-waiting Shinzo Abe came out fighting after his sweeping election victory, saying there can be no compromise on the sovereignty of islands at the center of a dispute with China.

Tokyo to Take a Tougher Line with China
(New York Times, By John Lee) Abe’s calculation is that China will offer few economic favors or strategic concessions to a meek Japan. At the least, a stronger, firmer posture will certainly do no harm. And the gamble is that it may even cause Beijing to think twice about the cost of pushing its military and economic weight around East and Southeast Asia. 

Japan’s Abe to Send Envoy to China to Mend Ties: Nikkei (2012-12-21)
(Reuters) Japan’s next Prime Minister Shinzo Abe plans to send senior party member Masahiko Koumura as an envoy to China as early as next month in a bid to repair ties between Asia’s two largest economies. 

A Line in the Sea (2012-12-17)
(Foreign Policy, By Michael Auslin) While Xi Jinpin will try to repair Beijing's "smile diplomacy" and not make China an object of fear among its neighbors, what better way to show strength at home and abroad than to adopt the time-honored tactic of standing up to the Japanese?  
DPP Searches for New China Stance; Cross-Strait Issues
Opposition DPP Official to Meet with Taiwan’s China Investors (2012-12-19)
(China Post) A DPP official is prepared to meet with Taiwan's China investors for a meal, in what the latter has called a “historic first.” 

Taiwan to Open Trade Promotion Center in Beijing (2012-12-22)
(Xinhua) The Taipei World Trade Center, Taiwan’s leading trade promotion agency, will open an office in Beijing on Dec. 27.

Former NSC Official Champions Political Dialogue with China
(Taipei Times) Politics can no longer be separated from economics and both sides of the Taiwan Strait should engage in dialogue on political issues to build up bilateral trust, Su Chi, former secretary-general of the National Security Council, said.

China Aiming for Stable Relations: TAO Official (2012-12-23)
(Taipei Times) China aims to pursue stable and longstanding cross-strait relations in the wake of its recent leadership transition, and seeks solutions to the bottleneck in cross-strait politics, China’s Taiwan Affairs Office Deputy Director Sun Yafu said. 

Mainland Affairs Council Deputy Minister Calls for Pragmatism from Beijing (2012-12-23)
(China Post) Beijing should take a pragmatic stance by accepting the fact that Taipei governs a sovereign country, a MAC official urged, as his China counterpart stressed that Chinese leaders are sincere and honest in seeking to advance political ties between the two sides.

Military Balance and Arms Sales
MND Remains Vague on Medium-Range Missile Report (2012-12-20)
(Taipei Times) Minister of National Defense gave only vague answers when asked to comment on reports that the military’s top research institute had developed a 1,200km medium-range surface-to-surface missile.

Re-think Defense: US Analyst (2012-12-22)
(Taipei Times, By William Lowther) Taiwan’s defense strategy needs a “revolution in thinking,” a seminar on US-Taiwan relations was told. 

Congress Urges U.S. President to Address Taiwan’s F-16 Shortfall (2012-12-20)
(CNA) The U.S. Congress has been pushing President Barack Obama's administration again to help address Taiwan's shortfall in fighter aircraft.

Taiwan's Domestic Issues and Foreign Relations
Another Conviction, Jail Term for Chen (2012-12-21)
(Taipei Times) The Supreme Court gave the former president a 10-year term and his wife eight years for graft in connection with the Yuanta-Fuhwa merger. 

King to Attend US Meeting, but Not Delegation: Ministry
(Taipei Times) Representative to the US King Pu-tsung has been invited to attend the US National Prayer Breakfast scheduled for Feb. 7, but there will be no official delegation from Taiwan representing the government at the event. 

US Expert Urges Taiwan to Sign More Trade Pacts (2012-12-19)
(CNA) Taiwan should accelerate the pace of economic liberalization and sign more bilateral free trade agreements with other countries, local and foreign experts said at a symposium.

Allies’ Unofficial China Ties OK: Gov’t (2012-12-22)
(China Post) Taiwan is not opposed to its diplomatic allies developing “unofficial” economic relations with China, a Foreign Ministry official said amid reports that Honduras would soon open a trade office in Beijing that could signify the first step for establishing formal ties.

China's Rise and Its Domestic Issues
China Seeks to Lift Domestic Demand (2012-12-16)
(Wall Street Journal, By Bob Davis and Chuin-wei Yap) China's new leaders sent their strongest signal yet that their top economic priority is to remake the economy so it relies more on domestic demand and less on exports and investment in capital-intensive state-owned companies, even if that reduces short-term growth. 


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