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South China Sea Disputes
Taiwan's Role Encouraging Peace (2015-06-08)
(Taipei Times, By John Lin) Ma's South China Sea peace initiative obtained the desired result, as it was supported by Washington, while Beijing is not opposed to it. Taiwan has successfully filled the role of “critical weakness” in this difficult situation. 

Malaysia Wakes Up to China (2015-06-09)
(Wall Street Journal) The Malaysian government will loudly protest the Chinese coast guard’s incursions into its exclusive economic zone. National Security Minister Shahidan Kassim said in an interview that Prime Minister Najib Razak will raise the issue personally with Chinese President Xi Jinping.
U.S. “Pivot” to Asia and Sino-U.S. Engagement
Can China Be Contained? (2015-06-12)
(Wall Street Journal, By Andrew Browne) U.S. foreign policy has reached a turning point, as analysts from across the political spectrum have started to dust off Cold War-era arguments and to speak of the need for a policy of containment against China. The once solid Washington consensus behind the benefits of “constructive engagement” with Beijing has fallen apart.

Union: Hackers Have Personal Data on Every US Gov't Employee
(China Post) Hackers stole personnel data and identity numbers for every federal employee, a government worker union said, saying that the cyber theft of U.S. employee information was more damaging than the Obama administration has acknowledged.

Second Hack Exposed Military, Intel: US
(AP) Hackers linked to China appear to have gained access to the sensitive background information submitted by intelligence and military personnel for security clearances, several U.S. officials said, describing a second cyberbreach of federal records that could dramatically compound the potential damage. 

House Dems Derail Obama Trade Agenda (2015-06-14)
(AFP, By Michael Mathes) U.S. lawmakers dealt a stinging blow to President Barack Obama and his ambitious trade agenda, stalling a measure that would have given him fast-track authority to conclude a trans-Pacific trade accord.
DPP Searches for New China Stance; Cross-Strait Issues
Seeking Common Ground, Differing on ‘1992 Consensus’: Tsai (2015-06-09)
(China Post) DPP Chairwoman Tsai Ing-wen declared she will continue to "seek common ground while agreeing to differ," with regards to the "1992 Consensus" on Sunday, during a media gathering in San Francisco. 

Tsai's Cross-Strait Policy to Follow Constitution: DPP (2015-06-11)
(Taipei Times) DPP spokesperson made the remarks following criticism from China’s Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang, who said Tsai, in a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studie during her US visit this month, failed to mention the “most important issue at the core” of cross-strait ties.

Plurality of Taiwanese Question Tsai's Ability to Maintain Constitututional Order--TISR Survey (2015-06-11)
(TISR) A recent survey (in Chinese) by Taiwan Indicators Survey Research found that a plurality of Taiwanese are skeptical of DPP presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen's ability to deliver on her promise to abide by the ROC constitutional order while promoting cross-Strait relations in accordance with popular opinion if elected president.

Plurality of Taiwanese Believe Tsai's Status Quo Means No Name Change, No Independence--TISR Survey (2015-06-11)
(TISR) According to the latest Taiwan Mood Barometer Survey (in Chinese), a plurality of Taiwanese interpret DPP presidential candidate Tsai Ing-wen's declaration that, if elected president, she will maintain the status quo in cross-Strait relations and preserve the ROC constitutional order to mean that she will not seek to change the ROC name or establish a new independent country.

China to Remove Visa Requirements for Taiwanese: Xinhua (2015-06-14)
(AFP) China will lift a visa requirement for Taiwanese travelling to the mainland, state media reported, part of a wider plan to reduce barriers between the two communities.

Cross-Strait Ties Critical for US: Former Official (2015-06-12)
(Taipei Times, By William Lowther) “Given the nuances evident in Beijing’s statements, as well as the urgency and severity of the myriad of other challenges facing the PRC leadership, one should remain alert to the possibility that the Mainland might limit its reaction if Tsai continues to adopt positions that, while perhaps ambiguous, could be interpreted as not inconsistent with one China,” Romberg said.
PLA, Military Balance and Arms Sales
Chinese Military Craft Operate in Bashi Channel (2015-06-11)
(Reuters) Chinese warships and aircraft passed through the Bashi Channel between Taiwan and the Philippines to carry out routine planned exercises in the Western Pacific, the Chinese Ministry of National Defense said.

ROC to Send Observers to US Armed Forces Training
(CNA) Taiwan's Army will send a mechanized infantry platoon to Hawaii later this year to observe a U.S. military training session that will feature eight-wheeled armored combat vehicles, a local newspaper reported. 

US Should Sell More Air Defense Systems to Taiwan: Expert (2015-06-10)
(Taipei Times) RAND analyst Mark Cozad said that if the US sold Taiwan arms, the response from China would be negative, but ultimately insignificant.

US Decisions Might Affect Cross-Strait Future (2015-06-11)
(Taipei Times, By William Lowther) Decisions that the US Congress and the White House make on US Navy spending could affect the likelihood and outcome of a US-China military conflict over Taiwan, a congressional report said.
Taiwan's Domestic Issues and Foreign Relations
Taiwan Mood Barometer Survey, First Half of June 2015  (2015-06-11)
(TISR) President Ma Ying-jeou's approval rating dropped 3.3 percentage points over the first ten days of June, according to the latest Taiwan Mood Barometer Survey (in Chinese).

Hung Hsiu-Chu Passes KMT Presidential Primary Polls, Nomination in Grasp
(CNA) Deputy Legislative Speaker Hung Hsiu-chu passed the 30 percent threshold in the ruling Kuomintang's three presidential primary polls on Sunday, with an average approval rating of 46.203 percent.

Kin Moy Arrives in Taiwan, Assumes Duties As New American Institute Dirctor
(China Post) Kin Moy, the new director of the American Institute in Taiwan, arrived in Taipei to assume his duties as the U.S.'s top envoy to the country. 

US Support for Taiwan Is Crucial (2015-06-09)
(Taipei Times, By Tung Chen-yuan) Taiwan must move closer to the US before it can make peace with China. US support for Taiwan is a crucial force in maintaining peace in the Taiwan Strait; it will give Taiwan the confidence to engage in exchanges and dialogue with China, and make China realize that it must negotiate pragmatically with Taiwan on cross-strait political issues.
China's Rise and Its Domestic Issues
How China Plans to Run AIIB: Leaner, with Veto (2015-06-08)
(Wall Street Journal, By Mark Magnier) A new China-led infrastructure bank aims to differentiate itself from other lenders with a leaner, more efficient structure that ultimately gives Beijing veto power over major decisions, people close to the institution said.

China's Zhou Sentenced
(AP) Former Chinese domestic security head Zhou Yongkang was sentenced to life in prison on corruption charges, in a victory for Chinese President Xi Jinping’s anti-graft campaign seen as further cementing his authority by removing a potential challenger. 

Q. and A.: Zhang Weiwei on Why China Will Succeed under the Communist Party (2015-06-12)
(Sinosphere, By Didi Kirsten Tatlow) With the rise of China, Xi Jinping has gone from strategic ambiguity to strategic clarity on a number of key issues [such as the South China Sea]. This is based on self-confidence, and also reflects the new consensus reached within China that, with the rise of China, the country should be more proactive in its strategic and foreign policy.

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