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U.S. “Pivot” to Asia and Sino-U.S. Engagement
As China Expands Its Navy, the US Grows Wary (2015-03-30)
(Wall Street Journal, By Jeremy Page) Washington is divided over whether Beijing should be viewed as naval partner or potential adversary.

America's TPP Dilemmas
(PacNet #20, Pacific Forum, CSIS, By Grad Glosserman) It is nearly impossible to overestimate the importance of the Trans-Pacific Partnership to the United States. Yes, the trade deal will generate considerable economic benefits. But the real value of the TPP is not economic. It is a strategic landmark. 
DPP Searches for New China Stance; Cross-Strait Issues
‘One China’ Comment Taken Out of Context: Ko (2015-04-02)
(China Post) Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je said that mainland Chinese media reports that unanimously claimed that he supports “One China” were taken out of context. 
PLA, Military Balance and Arms Sales
PLA Air Force Conducted Drills Over West Pacific (2015-04-01)
(AFP) China’s air force has carried out its first-ever military drill over the western Pacific Ocean, state media said, highlighting Beijing’s growing military reach.

China's Mini-Submarine ‘Making Neighbors Nervous’ (2015-04-01)
(Taipei Times, By William Lowther) China is designing a nuclear submarine that incorporates a mini-submarine that could be used to land special operations forces on nearby targets, such as Taiwan.

Ma Touts Domestic Submarine Program
(Taipei Times) At the launch of two domestically produced naval vessels, Ma said ‘the submarine is the most significant weapon’ and Taiwan should produce it. 

Navy to Run with Domestic Submarine Program (2015-04-02)
(Taipei Times) Navy officials said the Ministry of National Defense will go ahead with its domestic submarine program, and several Taiwanese shipbuilders are seeking collaboration with foreign companies to undertake the work.

Taiwan Seeks Stronger Cyber Security Ties with U.S. to Counter China Threat (2015-03-30)
(Reuters, By Michael Gold and J.R. Wu) Taiwan wants to join a major anti-hacking drill conducted by the United States to strengthen cyber security ties with its staunchest ally, its vice premier said, a move which would help safeguard against constant targeting by hackers in rival China.

China Pushing US toward More Arms Sales: Report (2015-04-04)
(Taipei Times, By William Lowther) Unless Beijing significantly reduces the size and scope of its military threat, Washington will feel compelled to approve major new weapons sales to Taiwan “at various times in the future,” a report from the Carnegie Endowment said.
Conflict and Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region: A Strategic Net Assessment
Taiwan's Domestic Issues and Foreign Relations
Taiwan Mood Barometer Survey, Second Half of March 2015 (2015-04-01)
(TISR) President Ma Ying-jeou's approval rating rose 1.8 percentage points over the last ten days of March, according to the latest Taiwan Mood Barometer Survey (in Chinese).

US Marine F-18s Land at Taiwan Air Base, Beijing Protests
(The Diplomat, By J. Michael Cole) Two U.S. Marine F/A-18C Hornet aircraft did a precautionary landing at an air force base in southern Taiwan on April 1. Unusual in itself, the incident, which has been widely covered in Taiwanese media, could be more significant than initially thought.

Safety the Reason for Emergency F-18 Landing in Taiwan: US
(CNA) A U.S. military spokesman said that the reason for landing two F-18 fighters in Taiwan was based on proximity and weather conditions, downplaying speculation that the landing was a “political message to China.” 

US Jet Landings ‘a Beautiful Surprise’: Analysts (2015-04-05)
(Taipei Times) The incident — from the emergency landing to the departure of the F/A-18s after repairs were completed — showed that the US and Taiwan have smooth communication channels that made dealing with the matter relatively easy, Alexander Huang said.
China's Rise and Its Domestic Issues
Mainland Cold on Prospect of Taiwan Joining the AIIB (2015-04-01)
(AFP) China signaled that Taiwan would not be allowed to join the Beijing-backed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which is seen as a counterweight to the U.S.-based World Bank. 

Taiwan's Bid to Join China-led Development Bank Hits Early Snags (2015-04-01)
(Sinosphere, By Austin Ramzy) Taiwan has expressed its intention to join the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, but its effort has encountered protests at home and early snags over sensitive issues of sovereignty.

US Welcomes AIIB, Still Supports Other Development Banks (2015-04-02)
(AFP) US Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew said that Washington was “ready to welcome” the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, easing toward the new development institution after the US expressed early concerns.

AIIB Bid Should Not Affect Ties with US: MOF (2015-04-04)
(China Post) Taiwan's bid to enter the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank should not affect relations with either the U.S. or Japan, the Ministry of Finance said.

Stampede to Join China's Development Bank Stuns Even Its Founder (2015-04-03)
(New York Times, By Jane Perlez) The sudden rush to join China’s new Asian development bank by this week’s deadline, including last-minute applications by countries hardly considered Beijing’s best friends, astonished even the Chinese.

A Powerful Message from America's Frustrated Allies (2015-03-30)
(Wall Street Journal, By David Daokui Li) Despite the Obama administration’s efforts to persuade its longtime allies not to invest in the bank, they are pouring their money in. This is a symptom of wider dissatisfaction with U.S. leadership.

Zhou Yongkang, Former Security Chief in China, Faces Corruption Trial (2015-04-03)
(New York Times, By Chris Buckley) The former head of China’s law-and-order apparatus, Zhou Yongkang, will stand trial on charges of bribery, abusing power and disclosing state secrets, the country’s top prosecution office announced.

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