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South China Sea Disputes
Vietnam to Send Official to China (2014-08-27)
(Wall Street Journal, By Vu Trong Khanh and Nguyen Anh Thu) Vietnam's Communist Party will send a senior official to China to discuss ways to ease the tensions between the two countries that flared after Beijing parked an oil rig in contested waters in the South China Sea. 
Japan Policy
Japan's Premier Supported Ceremony for War Criminals (2014-08-28)
(New York Times, By Martin Fackler) Japan’s conservative prime minister, Shinzo Abe, sent a message of support earlier this year to a ceremony honoring more than 1,000 Japanese who died after convictions for war crimes, a government spokesman said. 
U.S. “Pivot” to Asia and Sino-U.S. Engagement
U.S.-China Rivalry Simmers Underseas (2014-08-26)
(Wall Street Journal, By James T. Areddy) The U.S. patrols and China's intercepts are likely to continue, given the stakes. The U.S. military is concerned about what it says is China's growing investment in submarines as part of a broad modernization program.

US, Chinese Officials to Meet at Pentagon After Jet Intercept (2014-08-27)
(Reuters) The talks were planned before the ‘dangerous’ intercept, but the incident highlighted the need for rules to prevent a crisis.
Cross-Strait Issues
TDPO Sets Residential Restriction for Chang (2014-08-26)
(China Post) The Taipei District Prosecutors Office imposed a residential restriction on former Mainland Affairs Council Deputy Minister Chang Hsien-yao who stands accused of disclosing confidential information.

Prosecution Questions Four Over MAC Information Leak (2014-08-29)
(China Post) The Taipei District Prosecutors Office summoned former MAC Deputy Minister Chang Hsien-yao and three other witnesses for questioning regarding Chang's alleged information leak.

Chang Leaked Secrets in 2 Stages: TDPO (2014-08-30)
(China Post) Former MAC Principal Deputy Minister Chang Hsien-yao and his assistants were held by the Taipei District Prosecutors' Office for questioning for 12 hours over the case of leaked state secrets.

Chang Case May Affect Cross-Strait Talks: MAC (2014-08-25)
(China Post) MAC said the alleged leaking of confidential information involving its former principal deputy minister Chang Hsien-yao may affect the progress of cross-strait negotiations, but considering the nation's long-term development, the MAC “still has to face the issue.”

Merchandise Deal Delay Spurs Competition Woes
(CNA) Concerns have increased over Taiwan losing ground to South Korea in China in key export areas due to delays in talks on a Taiwan-China trade-in-goods agreement. 

Negotiator Says Relationship with Beijing ‘Healthy’ (2014-08-31)
(Taipei Times) Interactions between Taiwan and China are in a healthy state despite new problems that are testing the two nations, Beijing’s top negotiator for Taipei said.
Military Balance and Arms Sales
Two Chinese Surveillance Planes Blocked by Taiwan (2014-08-27)
(Taipei Times) The surveillance planes flew through the corner of Taiwan’s air defense zone to test the nation’s capabilities and see how it would react, a military officer said. 

China Dismisses Claim It Breached Taiwan Airspace (2014-08-28)
(Reuters) China has rejected Taiwan’s claim that two Chinese military aircraft had breached Taiwan’s air defense identification zone four times, saying that it was a “routine flight” in “the relevant airspace.”

Ministry Warns of China's Might (2014-08-31)
(Taipei Times) PLA is capable of seizing Taiwanese islands, paralyzing the country’s defensive capabilities with cruise and short-range ballistic missiles, as well as by launching amphibious and airborne raids, to take Taiwan proper before forces from other nations could respond, the Ministry of National Defense said.

Size of the ROC's Armed Forces Is to be Cut Further (2014-08-28)
(CNA) A planned program to further cut the country's military personnel to below 200,000 by the end of 2019 will be formally implemented from next year, as Taiwan moves forward with its efforts to streamline the military, Defense Minister Yen Ming said.

Gov't to Spend US$2.5 Bil. on Anti-Missile Systems (2014-08-31)
(AFP) Taiwan plans to spend US$2.5 billion in the next nine years to acquire anti-missile systems to boost its aerial defences against China, a lawmaker and media said.

US, China Must Agree to Disagree (2014-08-25)
(Taipei Times, By Dennis Hickey) Washington will continue to sell arms to Taipei. And Beijing will continue to object to all such sales. However, these differences should not be allowed to hamstring much-needed cooperation in other areas. Given the current international environment, it is clear that the stakes are too high for that. 
Taiwan's Domestic Issues and Foreign Relations
Taiwan Mood Barometer Survey, Second Half of August 2014 (2014-08-29)
(TISR) Over the latter days of August, President Ma Ying-jeou's approval rating dropped another 2.7 percentage points bringing it to 17.2 percent, according to the latest Taiwan Mood Barometer Survey (in Chinese).

Joko Widodo Thanks Taiwan for Treating Indonesian Workers Kindly
(CNA) Indonesian president-elect Joko Widodo has thanked Taiwan for its friendly treatment of Indonesian workers in Taiwan and urged Taiwanese to visit and invest in his country. 
China's Rise and Its Domestic Issues
China Warns against Foreign Meddling in Hong Kong (2014-08-31)
(AP) China warned against foreign meddling in Hong Kong's politics ahead of an expected announcement to recommend highly contentious restrictions on the first direct elections for the leader of the Chinese-controlled financial hub.

Hong Kong Told to Strive for a ‘Less Perfect’ Democracy  (2014-08-29)
(New York Times, By Michael Forsythe, Keith Bradsher, and Alan Wong) On the eve of a decision by Beijing on rules for elections in Hong Kong, a top Chinese scholar presented a series of justifications for why the territory’s more than seven million people should temper demands for Western-style democracy, insisting that a “less perfect” version of democracy is better than none at all.

Beijing Rules out Open Election in Hong Kong (2014-08-31)
(Wall Street Journal, By Brian Spegele, Chester Yung, and Isabella Steger) China's government ruled that candidates for the Hong Kong's top leadership post must be approved by a committee heavily loyal to Beijing, providing a clear demarcation of how far it will allow democracy to proceed in the territory.

Taiwan Groups See Red Flag in Hong Kong Election Ruling (2014-08-31)
(Wall Street Journal, By Jenny W. Hsu) Beijing's decision to restrict who can run to be Hong Kong's leader was closely watched by civic groups across the Taiwan Strait, where ties with some Hong Kong political factions have strengthened.

Beijing Abandons Pragmatism on Hong Kong (2014-08-31)
(Wall Street Journal, By Andrew Brownie) Deng Xiaoping understood Hong Kong's distrust of Communism and let the city keep its British-style courts and administration. Today's Chinese leadership shows far less inclination for such pragmatism.

China Developing an Operation System to Take on Microsoft, Google and Apple (2014-08-26)
(Reuters) China could have a new homegrown operating system by October to take on imported rivals such as Microsoft, Google and Apple, Xinhua, the government news agency, reported. 

Xi Jinping's Revealing Reforms (2014-08-27)
(Wall Street Journal) Xi's reform plans will tend to increase corruption, which suggests the anticorruption drive is more about consolidating his own power than clearing a path for reform. And as the cadres loyal to other factions are squeezed out of lucrative SOE jobs, those loyal to Mr. Xi will take their place.

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