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South China Sea Disputes
Itu Aba Pier Construction Ahead of Schedule: Source (2014-07-14)
(Taipei Times) A pier being built by Taiwan on Itu Aba in the South China Sea region is likely to be completed before the scheduled date late next year, a source said. 

Mission Accomplished?  (2014-07-16)
(Foreign Policy, By Keith Johnson) China suddenly withdrew its controversial oil rig from Vietnamese waters ahead of schedule. Beijing says the rig did its job -- and it may have, in more ways than one.
Diaoyutai Disputes Resurface and Japan Policy
Japan Defense Shift Aims to Revise US Pact: Think Tank (2014-07-14)
(CNA) Japan's decision last week to lift a ban on the use of “collective self-defense” is a first step in a bid to revise the longstanding U.S.-Japan security cooperation treaty this year, an official of a Taiwanese think tank with ties to the major opposition party said.

Japan Builds Amphibious Force Modeled on U.S. Marines
(Wall Street Journal, By Yuka Hayashi) By developing its own amphibious capability, Tokyo might be able to defend remote islands on its own, sparing the U.S. Marines from the task. 
U.S. Pivot to Asia and Sino-U.S. Engagement
In Pacific Drills, Navies Adjust to New Arrival: China (2014-07-17)
(Wall Street Journal, By Jeremy Page) An unusual experiment in military diplomacy is under way in the waters off Hawaii, as the U.S. incorporates China into the world's biggest naval drills for the first time. 

U.S. Naval Ties with China Advance, Symbolically (2014-07-20)
(Sinosphere, By Jane Perlez) The United States chief of naval operations, Adm. Jonathan W. Greenert, visited China’s aircraft carrier last week, a symbolic step in the campaign the Pentagon is waging with Beijing for greater transparency even as the two navies become greater rivals.

Chinese Hackers Extending Reach to Smaller U.S. Agencies, Officials Say (2014-07-16)
(New York Times, By Michael S. Schmidt) After years of cyberattacks on the networks of high-profile government targets like the Pentagon, Chinese hackers appear to have turned their attention to far more obscure federal agencies.

American Anxieties about China Grow Slightly, Survey Finds  (2014-07-14)
(Sinosphere, By Jane Perlez) American perceptions of China continued to lose ground in the past year, although only slightly, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center.
DPP Searches for New China Stance; Cross-Strait Issues
DPP Mulls Independence Clause (2014-07-17)
(Taipei Times) In response to protests, Chen Zau-nan said that the nation has been independent ever since it began democratic elections, so declaring it is not an issue.

Tsai, Su Condemn Movement to Freeze Fundamental Clause (2014-07-20)
(Taipei Times) The DPP chair and former chairman both took to the Web to blast increasing calls to gut the party’s charter clause on Taiwanese independence.

Renminbi Becomes Taiwan's Fifth Favorite Foreign Unit of Currency
(China Post) RMB denominated deposits against total foreign currency deposits in Taiwan rose to a record-setting 6.2 percent in late May, becoming the fifth major foreign currency unit after the greenback, British pound, Hong Kong dollar and yen. 
Taiwan's Domestic Issues and Foreign Relations
Taiwan Mood Barometer Survey, First Half of July 2014 (2014-07-14)
(TISR) According to the latest Taiwan Mood Barometer Survey (in Chinese), President Ma Ying-jeou's approval rating plunged while his disapproval rating rose sharply over the first ten days of July.

No Trust in Lagislators, Legal System: Poll (2014-07-15)
(Taipei Times) About 70 percent of respondents polled do not have faith in the judicial system. President Ma’s approval rating also dipped 6.3 points to 14.8 percent.

KMT Faces Tough Poll Battle to Retain Control (2014-07-15)
(Taipei Times, By Peng Hsien-chun) With the seven-in-one elections just four months away, top KMT lawmakers acknowledge that they face a daunting task and said they are focusing their efforts on retaining control over cities and counties that the party currently controls.

Taiwan Gets Green Light to Open Trade Center in Cambodia 
(Taipei Times) The nation has received approval from the Cambodian government to open a trade center in Phnom Penh, the semi-official Taiwan External Trade Development Council said. 

TAITRA Reiterates Phnom Penh Trade Center Approved (2014-07-20)
(Taipei Times) The Taiwan External Trade Development Council insisted it has received the green light from the Cambodian government to open a Taiwan trade center in Phnom Penh.

NZ Delegation Eyes Rising Links (2014-07-18)
(Taipei Times) A New Zealand delegation visiting Taipei said that it expects more opportunities for trade cooperation with Taiwan, including partnerships to explore other markets.

Minister Promotes US Agriculture Deal (2014-07-20)
(Taipei Times) During his visit, Council of Agriculture Minister Chen Bao-ji talked with US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack on topics including strengthening agricultural and trade relations and agricultural cooperation between the two countries.

Care Needed in Forging Closer Ties with Japan (2014-07-17)
(Taipei Times, By York Chen) Many view Abe's national security strategic shifts as an opportunity for Taiwan to rewrite its national security relationship with Japan, saying Taiwan should try to purchase submarines from Japan, or encourage Japan to enact its own version of the US’ Taiwan Relations Act.
China's Rise and Its Domestic Issues
Debunking Misconceptions about Xi Jinping's Anti-Corruption Campaign (2014-07-17)
(Brookings, By Cheng Li and Ryan McElveen) Some analysts have expressed concern that Xi's anti-corruption campaign has been too excessive, has been primarily driven by factional politics, has dissuaded officials from making decisions, and has weakened China’s economy. These arguments are not only inaccurate and misleading, but they also distract from the critical positive changes that the anti-corruption campaign and associated reforms can bring to Chinese society.

Hong Kong Leader Says ‘Mainstream’ Opposes Direct Nomination
(New York Times, By Chris Buckley and Alan Wong) Presenting a major report on revamping the electoral system, Hong Kong’s top leader, Leung Chun-ying, said that “mainstream opinion” in the city opposed a key proposal of many pro-democracy groups: that voters win the power to directly nominate candidates for his job. 

Helping China's Doves (2014-07-18)
(New York Times, By Kishore Mahbubani) In Western terms, there are both “hawks” and “doves” in the Chinese establishment, and the West should realize that the hawks have not won the debate in Beijing.

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