U.S.-Taiwan Relations

DayTitleNo. of reviews
2019-09-08U.S. Interested in Taiwan’s Links with Allies: Kao 10
2019-09-04Sweden Joins Framework on Media Literacy: MOFA4
2019-09-02Taiwan Getting a Bargain on F-16V Jets: Lawmakers1
2019-09-05Cabinet Passes Bill for NT$250 Billion F-16 Budget4
2019-08-29MOFA Thanks Ex-U.S. Ambassador for Expressing Support for Taiwan13
2019-08-26Taiwan Welcomes Supportive Resolution by Democratic National Committee2
2019-08-27Taiwan to Send Agricultural Delegation to Mississippi Next Month28
2019-08-23Visit of U.S. Research Ship Not Related to F-16V Deal: AIT10
2019-08-23U.S. Military Sails Through Taiwan Strait After Chinese Protest15
2019-08-01AIT Celebrates Security Cooperation Month Amid Arms Negotiations7
DayTitleNo. of reviews
2019-09-12Taiwan Steps into Trade War Breach for US, Saying It Will Buy US$3.6 Billion in American Agricultural Products1
2019-09-13PacNet #52 - Debunking Myths about US-Taiwan Arms Sales0
2019-08-29US Warplane Flies along Dividing Line between Mainland China and Taiwan7
2019-08-24Taiwan's President (and Her Challenger) Thank US for $8 Billion F-16V Sale3
2019-08-21Trump Administration Notifies US Congress of Plan to Sell F-16s to Taiwan2
2019-08-19American Viper Jets a Boost to Taiwan’s Defences ‘but No Game Changer’ with China1
2019-08-16Trump Administration Approves F-16 Fighter Jet Sales to Taiwan1
2019-08-18US Moves Ahead with $8 Billion F-16 Fighter Jets Sale to Taiwan1
2019-08-18US Says Taiwan Defense Spending to Rise with China Threat1
2019-07-30Lawmakers Accuse Trump and Aides of Delaying F-16 Sales to Taiwan2
Public Opinions
DayTitleNo. of reviews
2016-03-31Taiwanese Want America's Help Joining International Organizations More Than Weapons, TISR Survey299
2016-03-31American Government Attaches Importance to Taiwan Say Half of Taiwanese, TISR Survey283
2014-09-18Americans ‘Neutral’ on Taiwan; China Not a Threat: Poll404
2014-04-11Fewer Taiwanese Believe U.S. Attaches Importance to Taiwan434
2014-04-11Best Thing U.S. Can Do to Assist Taiwan: Help It Join International Organizations495
2013-03-30Ma Less Trustworthy than Xi Jinping: Poll542
2012-11-10Survey Finds Mixed Views on Foreign Policy Priorities581
DayTitleNo. of reviews
DayTitleNo. of reviews
2007-10-02President Reagan's Six Assurances to Taiwan and Their Meaning Today493
2013-01-10US Report Lists Key Taiwan Policy Issues820
DayTitleNo. of reviews
2017-09-06The Likelihood of Cross-Strait Armed Conflict and Taiwan’s Military and Political Readiness: An Interview with Arthur Ding237
2017-02-28Trump, Taiwan, and the ‘One China’ Policy269
2016-12-14The Past and Future of US-Taiwan Relations: A Conversation With Lung-Chu Chen311
2016-12-13For Taiwan, a Dilemma Over Identity, Economy and China314
2016-11-14INTERVIEW: President Talks Foreign Policy In Trump Era283
2016-10-30INTERVIEW: Taiwan-US Ties ‘Never Been Better,’ US Diplomat Says280
2016-10-29INTERVIEW: AIT Chairman Pledges To Bolster Taiwan-US Relations294
2016-04-21Pac100 Interview with Robert Sutter276
2016-05-04U.S. Hopes Tsai Will Articulate Vision for Cross-Strait Ties: Official270
2016-03-16Hong Kong and Taiwan: The Future of Chinese Deomcracy263

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