DayTitleNo. of reviews
2020-01-21CCP Tactics Likely to Continue: Report0
2020-01-24Ministry Protests China Listing in WHO Report3
2020-01-24Chinese Warplanes Pass Through Bashi Channel3
2020-01-22Tsai Could Meet Xi, But Only as Equals4
2020-01-22Tsai Writes to Pope Francis About Chinese Pressure2
2020-01-22President Urges China to Share Wuhan Virus Information5
2020-01-20Leaked Map Shows China Plans to Invade S. Taiwan After Taking Kinmen, Penghu11
2020-01-20Japanese Petition Against China's Unification of Taiwan4
2020-01-20Taipei March Urges Protection for HK Protesters7
2020-01-19Taiwan Not Part of China as Claimed by Myanmar, Beijing: MOFA4
DayTitleNo. of reviews
2020-01-23Taipei Complains to World Health Organisation after Coronavirus Case Is Classed as ‘Taiwan, China’2
2020-01-23Chinese Military Aircraft Fly Close to Taiwan, Island’s Defence Ministry Says3
2020-01-18Beijing Should Tell Taiwan and Hong Kong What It Has to Gain from Them2
2020-01-17Former US Defence Official Calls US Arms Sales to Taiwan A Catalyst for Cross-Strait Dialogue2
2020-01-17China Tells US to Respect Its Territorial Integrity after USS Shiloh Sails through Taiwan Strait2
2020-01-09China-Taiwan Relations1
2020-01-11In Blow to Beijing, Taiwan Re-elects Tsai Ing-wen as President4
2020-01-11Taiwan’s High Stakes 2020 Elections4
2020-01-12Entangled US-China-Taiwan Relations Likely Just Got More Complicated after President Tsai Ing-wen’s Big Re-election Victory5
2020-01-11West Studies Beijing’s Disinformation Campaign in Taiwan Looking for Clues into Its Cyber Playbook3
Public Opinions
DayTitleNo. of reviews
2018-08-0246% Supports Tsai to Negociate with Beijing on the Premise of "One-China Principle"223
2018-06-17China Has Higher Favorable than Unfavorable Rating in Taiwan: Poll251
2018-06-1780 Percent of Taiwanese Disapprove of China's Pressure275
2018-05-17Government's Cross-Strait Policies Have Majority Public Support: Poll274
2018-05-04Majority of Taiwanese Think China is Unfriendly: Poll288
2018-04-27Public Split on President's Policy on Cross-Strait Relations265
2018-04-23Six in 10 Think China's Incentives Could Lure Taiwanese: Poll269
2018-04-23Most Taiwanese Think Military Cannot Fend Off China Attack: Poll258
2018-04-21Taiwanese Students Speak Out About Working in China286
2018-04-13Countermeasures to PRC Incentives Needed: Survey181
DayTitleNo. of reviews
DayTitleNo. of reviews
1981-09-30Nine-Point Proposal on Peaceful Unification548
DayTitleNo. of reviews
2017-10-26Ex-U.S. Official Urges Beijing to Resume Dialogue with Taipei277
2017-10-13What Is the Likelihood of Cross-Strait Conflict?278
2017-10-03President Tsai Calls for New Model for Cross-Strait Ties277
2017-09-06The Likelihood of Cross-Strait Armed Conflict and Taiwan’s Military and Political Readiness: An Interview with Arthur Ding255
2017-05-03President Tsai Calls for New Cross-Strait Interactions: Interview285
2016-12-13For Taiwan, a Dilemma Over Identity, Economy and China339
2016-10-31INTERVIEW: Former Minister Unravels ‘1992 Consensus’ Mystery352
2016-10-04China Can’t Make Taiwan ‘Bow to Pressure,’ Island’s Leader Says362
2016-09-09New Push for Taiwan’s Representation at the United Nations338
2016-06-27INTERVIEW: Transfer Of Technologies To China Seen As Threat334

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