DayTitleNo. of reviews
2017-02-20Ministry Pans Spain over Deportation of Taiwanese1
2017-02-20Tsai's New Minister May Be Ready to Adjust Course 3
2017-02-20Government Approval Ratings See Rare Spike3
2017-02-17Tibetans Advocate Residency Changes1
2017-02-1520 Percent of Power to Come From Renewables by 2025, Says Tsai3
2017-02-15Uighur Advocate Cancels Trip on Political Concerns4
2017-02-14'New Southbound' Gets Boost From Sourcing Taiwan2
2017-02-13Government Condemns North Korean Missile Launch21
2017-02-13KMT's Hau Recruits Ma Spokeswoman, Sparking Rumors2
2017-02-13Lawmaker Leads Delegation to India to Bolster Economic Ties4
DayTitleNo. of reviews
2017-01-19PacNet #6 - President Tsai: respect the will of the people and accept the ‘1992 consensus’2
2017-02-01Response to PacNet #6 “President Tsai: respect the will of the people and accept the ‘1992 consensus’”3
2017-12-21The Strategic Significance of the Taiwan-Japan Maritime Affairs Dialogue18
2017-01-13Taiwan Works to Keep Its Central America Friends (Among Its Few)13
2017-01-02Sao Tome and Principe Establishes Ties with China: Why Is This Important?14
2016-11-19Taiwan May Be First in Asia to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage23
2016-11-29Analysts: China’s Seizure of Singaporean Armored Vehicles Will Have Limited Impact23
2016-11-29Troop Carriers Seized: Is China Sending Singapore a Message?24
2016-11-07Blind Spots Could Be The Undoing Of Tsai's 'New Southbound Policy'20
2016-10-04Taiwan Should Not Worry about the Vatican27
DayTitleNo. of reviews
2017-01-24Economic Performance Mars Tsai's Approval Ratings17
2016-11-29Tsai’s Approval Rating Hits New Low34
2016-11-22Survey Results on Assessments of Major Political Parties35
2016-11-22Party Identification Figures in Late October31
2016-10-31Survey Results on Assessments of President Tsai and Premier Lin Chuan39
2016-10-31Polls Show Taiwan Majority Behind 'Peace Platform': KMT36
2016-10-17Survey Results on Assessments of President Tsai and Premier Lin Chuan51
2016-10-15What The Polls Say: Support For President Hits Fresh Low41
2016-10-14Party Identification Figures in Late September52
2016-10-14Survey Results on Assessments of President Tsai and Premier Lin Chuan47
DayTitleNo. of reviews
2016-10-10President Tsai Ing-Wen's National Day Address36
2013-04-16President Ma's Remarks at the Video Conference with CDDRL at Stanford University300
DayTitleNo. of reviews
DayTitleNo. of reviews
2017-02-08Deputy Foreign Minister Optimistic on Foreign Ties2
2017-01-24INTERVIEW: Russia Representative Touts Close Ties13
2017-01-05A Sit-Down with an Architect of "New Southbound"16
2016-12-19INTERVIEW: Kishi Urges Stronger Taiwan-US-Japan Ties19
2016-08-30INTERVIEW: Taiwan Needs To Attract Investors: Premier39
2016-08-18'Lovable' Taiwan and Its Soft Power Quest40
2016-08-21INTERVIEW: Taiwan’s Democracy On The Right Path: Carl Gershman40
2016-07-11INTERVIEW: Brexit Referendum Holds Lessons For Taiwan35
2016-01-01Government to Open Up Agricultural Market, with Conditions36
2015-12-17Diplomatic Access: Taiwan41

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